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Chromebook Purchasing

Sand Creek One to World Device Initiative
At Sand Creek, we have committed to proactively educating those in our care with this key question in mind: How can we ensure that our students are prepared for a world that doesn't yet exist?
With this in mind, we are moving forward with a 1-to-World device program for our school.  Our goal is to get more devices in the classrooms. We are working with PTO to make this happen, but parents call also purchase a device for their student to have  throughout the school day.  We believe this level of access to technology is vital in preparing our students for the world in which they live.  A 1-to-1 initiative encourages students to move from being textbook readers to worldwide researchers, empowers students to take control of their own personalized learning, and enables students to use their understanding of technology for the betterment of their education. 6th graders especially are in the process of transitioning to Middle School and later High School and college, and having their own device to take with them on this journey will help prepare them for their advanced education.

Why Chromebooks

After researching as a school we have selected Chromebooks as the computer of choice.  The Chromebook, although not a traditional computer, offers a fully functional web browser and seamless integration of student GMail accounts.

Purchasing Options

DCSD is able to offer school district purchasing options through govconnection.  See info above. You may purchase the same Chromebook and same warranty at the exact same price the school purchases them.  These are not the only Chromebooks that work for our initiative.  Any Chromebook works, we are just extending our pricing to you.

You will need your Service Tag/Serial number for warranty service.  If your's has worn off, follow these directions to locate it.  When Dell asks you who it is registered with, tell them Douglas County School District.  It will expedite the warranty process.

Digital Citizenship

Part of our initiative is a focused and intentional effort to teach students about their "digital footprint" and responsible use of technology.  We are incorporating lessons and ideas from Common Sense Media while teaching these concepts in class and during 1st Quarter Enrichment.  

Common Sense Media offers Student/Parent Contracts around technology use at home.  We highly recommend parents print, review, and sign these with their students. 

Chromebook Tips

Chromebooks are a pretty simple computer, but have many different capabilities.  I have compiled a list of different resources, tips and tricks for the use of the Chromebooks.  

Student Gmail Accounts

Student Gmail accounts, allow them to utilize Google Docs, Presentations, Sites, and other functions regularly used in our classrooms. Students and teachers use this functionality on a daily basis.


We are confident this program will be a great success, but also understand you likely have many questions.  We have created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to address questions that have already come our way.   

Student Technology User Agreement

All students will sign our Student Technology Agreement.  This document helps students remember the appropriate use of technology and online etiquette through R.O.K.- Respect, Own it, be Kind.    

Technical Support for Dell and Toshiba

Dell: Contact for Live chat, email, and phone
Toshiba: Contact for Live chat, email, and phone