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Talent Day

  To find what section your child is in, please see the chart below

Students are encouraged and given the opportunity to perform frequently at Sand Creek.  In addition to the extra curricular performance groups, students may perform during the music class talent days.  Four class periods per year are designated as talent days.  Students play instruments, sing, dance, do gymnastics and perform skits and short dramas.  Students are expected to prepare and practice outside of the music class and present their performance.  Students may perform by themselves or in small groups.

Best of Talent Day

Best of Talent Day is a celebration of the performances that we have enjoyed during the the year.  Invitations are sent to the participants of some of the best performances.  There are two shows one is in the morning from 9:30am-10:30am and one in the afternoon from 2:30pm-3:30pm. There will be practice days for the students that are in the show the schedule is as follows. 

The Show this year will be Friday, May 11th 2018. There are two shows, so you will need to look at what show you are scheduled for. One show is at 9:30am-10:30am and the other show is from 2:30pm-3:30pm. Our dress rehearsal will be Thursday, May 10th from 9:15am-11:20am. Also, there will be rehearsals before school for certain groups. Look at the schedule, so you know what day you are to come practice. If you have another obligation that morning please email or come talk to me about it. These extra practice times are not required, but strongly recommended! I will be getting recording tracks ready for the singers to use during the show.

Monday, April 30th: Dancers/Gymnasts 8:15am-9:05am

Avigail Kaufman

Daisy Gross

Delila Brennan

Mallory Kamberos

Summer Sarsam

Sarah Price

Isis Brennan

Wednesday, May 2nd: M.C.'s & other or anyone who wants to come 8:00am-9:05am

Adin Ketchem

Zoe Burks

Connor Adrian

Katie Probst

Jacob Cunha  

Olivia mouw

Chloe DeFres

Monday, May 7th: Instrumentalists 8:15am-9:05am

(I know some students have band on this day and Mr. Snell said they can come practice for a little bit)

Freddie Gintchin

Solrena Canzler

Kevin Francis

Caroline Ness

Kaebri Vaughan

Ivan Gintchin

Kayla Hanson

Sidney DiCicco

Thatcher Morgan

Keira Woody

Owen Woody

Elise Knepp

Isaak Vaughan

Olivia Mouw

Paulina Oswalt

Sarah Price

Derek Francis

Thomas Lombardo

Ryan McCormick

Anna Nguyen

Chloe DeFres

Wednesday, May 9th: 8:00am-9:05am Vocalists

Lydia Morris

Riley Hamilton

Ella Corbett

Natalia Vanzee

Elizabeth Lemeshewsky

Ana Ponatowski

Abby Hatch

Mollie Gavan

Keira Woody

Isabelle Burgoyne

Caleb White

Hannah Cadwallader

Rayla Heafner

Mikaela Tompkins

Bella Perez

Lauren Best

Emma Grippi

Ainslee Ridley

Hallie Compton

Sadie Galloway

Grace Hansen

Claire Casey

Maddox Campbell

Cordelia Miller

Lacey Rael

Emily Boyle

Peyton Lydick

Laney Durante

Dani Hall

Ellie Nuccio

Maegan Petkash,
Apr 23, 2018, 2:18 PM