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Regulations Regarding Technology Use

Policy JICJ-R


No less than when in class, in the lunchroom, or at school-sponsored events, students are responsible for good behavior when using District IT to travel through cyberspace. Thus all rules and expectations regarding student conduct, as well as all provisions of the student conduct code, apply to student conduct involving District IT. In addition to general behavioral expectations, additional expectations apply when students use District IT. Examples of prohibited use of District IT include the following:

       1. Searching, viewing, editing, or retrieving materials that are not related to school work, community service, employment, or further education (therefore, searching or viewing             sexually explicit, profane, violence promoting, or illegal materials is not permitted);

  1. Downloading or loading software without permission, or using software in a way not permitted by its license;

  2. Accessing, viewing, or altering any official record or file of the school or District;

  3. Damaging District IT;

  4. Violating copyright laws;

  5. Using the passwords of other users;

  6. Trespassing in the folders, work, or files of other users;

  7. Any malicious use or disruption of the District’s IT or breach of security features;

  8. Intentionally wasting computer system resources;

  9. Using the network for commercial purposes;

  10. Sharing of the student’s home address, phone number, or other information;

  11. Using District IT after losing the privilege to do so;

  12. Any activity that violates a law or a school or District rule. 

For further details please refer to pages 29-31 of the Student Code of Conduct.