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Library Policies

Kindergarten students may check out one library book for the week. They must bring back that one in order to check out a new book on their library day.  If they forget their book they will receive a Whoops! slip as a reminder to turn in their library book. 

1st grade through 6th grade may check out two library books.  The loan period for a library book is two weeks.  At the end of two weeks students must return their library books or renew them. A library book may be renewed as often as needed as long as it is not on hold for another patron. 

Students must return any overdue material in order to check out new books.
If a library book is lost or damaged it must be paid for in order to check out new books.  Please see Mrs. Taggart for the replacement cost.

Students may come to the library anytime as long as they have permission from their teacher or EA.  If I am with a class please put a sticky note on the book you wish to check out, with your name and teachers name on it.  I will see to it as soon as possible and leave it on the narrow part of the check out desk with an OK on the note.  The OK means it is checked out to the student and is okay to take from the library.