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Volunteer at SCE

The most important hour of your week may be the one you give away.                    

Jo Ann Davis, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer at Sand Creek!

NED’S Yo-Yo Sales We are in need of some parent volunteers for morning sales of yo-yos from the NED'S Mindset Mission.  Two parents each morning to work with a few Sand Creek students selling the yo-yos from 8:45 am - 9:05 am.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanksgiving Feast at SCE We need volunteers to help serve the Annual Thanksgiving Feast in the lunchroom on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.  4 volunteers 10:45 am - 12 pm & 4 volunteers 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm.

Front Office: Help Check-in Late Arrivals to School  The Office is looking for help Monday - Friday from 9:05 - 9:20 AM to check-in late arrivals. Responsibilities include filling out tardy slips for students who arrive at SCE after the tardy bell rings and answering the doorbell.    

Friday Folder Counting On Wednesdays counting/sorting community flyers and placing in teachers' mailboxes (front office) for the Friday Folders volunteers.   Counting/sorting work may be completed at home.

Classroom Photographer/Historian for the SCE Yearbook We need pictures for the 2018-19 SCE Yearbook!  We are looking for one volunteer per class to either take photos throughout the year or be responsible for collecting photos from other parents to post to the yearbook folder for your student's grade (requires a Google account).

Volunteer of the Month

                    SCE Students say thank you!

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