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Grant Requests

Grant Information

Fill out the grant request form below and turn it into the PTO mailbox 2 weeks prior to grant session

Grants will be considered 4 times per school year (September, November, February, and April) during scheduled PTO meetings which usually take place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Presenters will have 2-5 minutes, including questions, to present their grant.

We welcome your attendance during the meeting, however, that is not necessary for your grant to be considered.

Grant eligibility:

In order to receive funding through the Sand Creek PTO one must fit into one of the following categories or groups:

1. Sand Creek Elementary Teachers

2. Sand Creek Classified Staff

3. Sand Creek active and present students

There are two different grant categories; Small Egg Grants, and Eagle Grants

Small Egg Grant requests up to $100 can be submitted throughout the year for immediate review by the PTO. There is a total of $2000 available in this category for the school year. Each request must be $100 or less.

Eagle Grant requests that are for $101 and above must be presented before the PTO board and parent members.

Eagle Grants will be available 4 times per school year (September, November, February, and April), and will be based on fund availability.  Eagle Grant applications must be printed, and turned in 2 weeks prior to the meeting and are limited to $2000 per request. We will not be able to accept late Eagle Grant applications. All grant requests must directly affect the students and community of SCE (i.e. classroom supplies, curriculum enhancements, novel studies). A total of $8,000 per school year will be allotted for requests that are made by an application.

Purchases must be made within 2 weeks of notification of grant approval. The PTO reserves the right to revoke funds if purchases are not made in this time frame.

All requests must include applicable fees and expenses, including shipping.

The BOD reserves the right to change these limits at any time.

Grant forms will be made available through the Sand Creek website under PTO.

  • Members:  provide community feedback 
  • Board of Directors:  Principal or designee = 1 vote, Co-Presidents = 1 vote each, Treasurer = 1 vote, Secretary = 1 vote, Staff liaisons = 1 vote each.
  • Quorum:  51% of active BOD members shall constitute a quorum in order to make any decisions requiring board approval.

HAVE A GREAT IDEA THAT EXCEEDS A $2,000 PRICE TAG? Please consider submitting a Special Soaring Above the Limits request. There is no financial limit in this category, but it is still expected that Soaring Above the Limits requests directly impact our students. These requests will assist the PTO in Fundraising discussions, and determine where our Fundraising dollars should go.

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