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Parent Teacher Conferences

Hello Parents! 

Please find your child's teacher listed below to register for Parent Teacher Conferences for the week of March 17-21st!

Also, as is our custom, we will be providing our fabulous teachers with delicious meals!
If you would like to provide a dish for teachers on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday please click here to sign up. 
The sign-up process has been made much easier and now requires no e-mail to sign-up! 

If you have any questions please e-mail CoryPoland ( for support.

Important Note: If your child is on a Plan and you would like the specialist to attend the conference, please be sure to sign up 
for a Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday time slot only. Thank you!

Conferences are the week of March 17 - 21, 2014

Grade Level



Mrs. DeBaere - Tuesday

Mrs. DeBaere - Friday

Mrs. Zeorlin - Thursday

Mrs. Zeorlin - Friday

1st Grade

Mrs. Bradshaw - Tuesday

Mrs. Bradshaw - Thursday

Mrs. Bradshaw - Friday

Mrs. Durante - Tuesday

Mrs. Durante - Thursday

Mrs. Durante - Friday

Mrs. Schuhmacher - Tuesday

Mrs. Schuhmacher - Thursday

Mrs. Schuhmacher - Friday

Mrs. Smith - Tuesday

Mrs. Smith - Thursday

Mrs. Smith - Friday

2nd Grade

Mrs. Gold - Tuesday

Mrs. Gold - Wednesday

Mrs. Gold - Thursday

Mrs. Gold - Friday

Mrs. Hibbs - Tuesday

Mrs. Hibbs - Wednesday

Mrs. Hibbs - Thursday

Mrs. Hibbs - Friday

Mrs. Rogers - Tuesday

Mrs. Rogers - Wednesday

Mrs. Rogers - Thursday

Mrs. Rogers - Friday

3rd Grade

Mrs. Landgrave - Thursday 3/13

Mrs. Landgrave - Monday

Mrs. Landgrave - Tuesday

Mrs. Landgrave - Wednesday

Mrs. Landgrave - Thursday

Mrs. Roberts - Monday

Mrs. Roberts - Tuesday

Mrs. Roberts - Wednesday

Mrs. Roberts - Thursday

Mrs. Willie - Tuesday

Mrs. Willie - Thursday

Mrs. Willie - Friday

4th Grade

Mrs. Riggin - Tuesday

Mrs. Riggin - Thursday

Mrs. Riggin - Friday

Mrs. Sposato - Tuesday

Mrs. Sposato - Wednesday

Mrs. Sposato - Thursday

Mrs. Sposato - Friday

Ms. Boggs - Thursday

Ms. Boggs - Friday

Ms. Gray - Tuesday

Ms. Gray - Thursday

Ms. Gray - Friday

5th Grade

Mrs. Marshall - Tuesday

Mrs. Marshall - Thursday

Mrs. Marshall - Friday

Mrs. Montague - Tuesday

Mrs. Montague - Thursday

Mrs. Montague - Friday

Mrs. Stage - Tuesday

Mrs. Stage - Thursday

Mrs. Stage - Friday

Ms. Bound - Tuesday

Ms. Bound - Thursday

Ms. Bound - Friday

6th Grade

6th Grade - All Teachers


Mrs. Drew - Tuesday

Mrs. Drew - Thursday

Mrs. Drew - Friday