What are we working on?

General Notes:

Please look for your group and make note of due dates and plan ahead weekly. These assignments are not meant to be homework or "extra" work. As much as possible students should work on these assignments during RTI blocks or during the core curriculum independent work time. For example, math assignments should be completed during RTI OR during math time when appropriate classwork is finished. It is intended that students in the groups will not have to do classwork or practice work which they have already mastered, therefore using the enrichment work in place of classwork as determined by the teacher and GT coordinator.  


Maker Faire Reflection

What are we working on?

This year's Maker Faire is giving $394.02 back to SCE!

Last year's Maker Faire earned $700 for SCE. Questions?   Contact ekhastedt@dcsdk12.org.

Also our Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl Team (6th grade) took 3rd place in the region and 2nd place in Colorado this year. Congratulations and thanks to PTO for sponsoring this activity!

2nd Grade:  We are finishing up fables!

3rd grade:  Ask you student what happened during his/her egg drop.


4th grade:   Students are reading Hatchet and answering high level comprehension questions in writing and in small group discussion. On math days they work on Challenge Math.

5th grade:  We are done with 6th grade up until module 4.  Final tests went home.

6th grade:  

The Maker Faire was fun and successful.  This year's group took home the most profit ever!  They negotiated a 70 -30 split with Mr. Ranford.

The students raised $297 for Freedom Service Dogs of America and in February took a field trip to deliver it in person and tour the facility.

Last year's group raised $307 for Clothes to Kids!