Gifted Programming Overview

Dear Parents,

This year I will be working with identified GT students in literacy and math in grades 3-6th. Students in grades K-2 will be monitored and I will collaborate/consult with the classroom teachers to plan and implement opportunities for them to meet their potential. I will spend  time in their classrooms in order to collect data and observe behaviors consistent with gifted students. Any newly identified primary students will begin to receive pull-out services in addition to the collaboration with their teachers. Students in grades 3-6th who are not identified as gifted will receive tier 2 interventions from their classroom teacher with consult support from me. Please see the graphic for a visual interpretation of the continuum of GT services provided.

Pull-out groups will focus on the 4Cs of World Class Education; Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical thinking. These groups will meet 4 times per week for 30-40 minutes during the RTI block. Groups were formulated based upon the DCSD body of evidence used for gifted identification. ( CogAT, DRA, MAPS, TCAP, observable behaviors, parent rating scales, and teacher recommendations.) These groups will focus on higher level thinking skills and problem solving across the curriculum. They will be inquiry and project based in areas of student interest and passion.

These extension groups will give your students continuous opportunities to interact with other students and to problem solve and use interpretive, inductive, deductive, logical and creative thinking skills. Students will also work on their academic goals with direct instruction from me either during the RTI block or in the classroom. The work given is not meant to be homework, but an extension and enrichment of their classroom. Often times the bulk of the work can be done during the group time but sometimes work will be sent home or back to the classroom to be finished before the next session or by a due date.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this program.

Erin Hastedt    

GT Coordinator       


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