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any times parents are looking for more information on giftedness so I thought I'd post some of the FAQs here.  Please email me if you have more questions.
"The most important thing that people don’t get about raising gifted kids is that giftedness comes in a package: you don’t just get quick reading skills or advanced mathematical reasoning. You get a constantly questioning brain that needs to be fed, a tightly wound nervous system that tasks the most advanced parenting skills, and special needs that are not paid for by well-funded public programs."
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GREAT YouTube video on defining Giftedness

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1)  Q How do I know if my child is "gifted"?
There are many characteristics of gifted learners that can help teachers and GT coordinators evaluate students. Click on some of my favorite tools below.
In addition, I always complete the body of evidence for students we are looking at for gifted identification. Typically these are students who are academically advanced in one or more areas and have sufficient data (at least 3 points) to describe their cognitive strengths.

2)  Q If my child qualifies for GT, what services are provided at my neighborhood school?
Identified GT students in neighborhood schools receive a variety of services in and out of the classroom. An Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is written for all identified gt students and is a legal document available to all teachers and staff working with the student. This document outlines the student's strengths and interest areas and identifies goals for the student yearly.
Students are monitored by the GT facilitator to ensure differentiated instruction and/or modified work is ongoing to meet their unique needs. In addition, students are given opportunities for advancement, enrichment and extension through pull-out groups in literacy and math. Curriculum compacting is closely monitored so that students are working on challenging work in their strength areas and are not working through topics they have already mastered.
3)  Q My child took the cogAT this fall, when will I get the results and how can I interpret them?
CogAT scores should be back after fall break. Thank you for your patience.
As far as interpretation, I will attach an information sheet to the score report. I have attached a cogAT FAQ below. Also, if your child scored high on the non-verbal section please scroll down for a document highlighting these learners. As always if you have more questions, please contact me directly to set up an appointment.


1. CogAT FAQ
4)  Q My child is doing enrichment work in the classroom but does not have an ALP, does he/she need one?
No. An ALP is for identified GT learners (see criteria and qualifications) but I work with teachers to provide enrichment for students who are  bright, high achieving students but are not necessarily "gifted". Only about 2-5% of the population is considered truly "gifted", but we work with many very bright students, about 15% of the population, who need extra challenges above and beyond the regular classroom. See the attached chart to help further distinguish high achievers from "gifted" learners.


5)  Q How do I apply for the Discovery program?Where can I get more information?
The application and information can be found here:
Please be sure your child has taken the CogAT already as you will need these scores to apply.

Erin Hastedt,
Nov 12, 2012, 7:10 AM