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Mrs. Marshall - ESL/ELA Teacher K-6

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Happy Fall

The school year is underway and the students are hard at work in their classrooms! We have been working on setting goals for the school year and developing the right supports for students.
My goal is to help students by differentiating for their needs and figuring ways to support them in the classroom so that they are successful. Please feel free to email me with any questions. 

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What are we learning?


We are working on recognizing all of the capital letters in the alphabet! We have created our own personal alphabet books as we learn new letters. 

1st/2nd grade:

We are working on our reading strategies and thinking:
Does this make sense?
Does this look right?
Does this sound right? 
We are using our reading and writing skills to create meaning when we read. 

3rd grade:

We have been focusing on our writing skills by expanding on our details and making sure that our supporting details match our main idea/topic sentence.

4th grade:
Reading: We are working on our comprehension skills, especially more higher level thinking strategies like predicting and inferring. We are also working on understanding the main idea and most important events.
Writing: We are focusing on writing an organized piece that maintains one tense (past, present, or future). 

5th grade/6th grade:
Reading: We are working on our comprehension skills and understanding the most important event in the story and how it relates to the main idea. We are using those skills to be able to summarize a text.
Writing: We have worked hard on understanding how to use different types of sentences, like simple, compound, and complex. We even got to teach a second grade class about these different types of sentences. Students designed and carried out their own lesson plans! It was a great way to deepen our own understanding, while teaching others.