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Social Studies

No Name Calling Week. Students collaborating and creating meaningful ways to express their knowledge.


Students Must Have Headphones

The course opens with a “Financial Personality Test” in which students identify present and future values and reflect on their financial habits. The 5 learning modules start with a scenario introduction where students learn about a goal or task that a citizen wants to achieve and the financial barriers they are facing. Students are then taken through a series of activities where they learn about financial concepts and immediately apply them to the scenario. Each content module ends with free-response reflection question encouraging students to reflect on the concepts they have learned and apply them to their lives. In the final module students revisit the values they identified in the very beginning of the course and complete a portfolio piece – their Blueprint - through a series of activities in which they identify and prioritize personal, financial, education and career goals. 

FutureSmart will help students...

  • Form healthy financial behaviors at an early age
  • Understand the basics of budgeting
  • Recognize the benefits of financial goal-setting