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Homework Procedures and Philosophy

Homework will be assigned a minimum of 3-4 nights per week and students will record assignments in their planners. 

Math homework will be assigned on most evenings.

To promote good reading habits, students should be reading a minimum of 20-30 minutes each night, including weekends.  If students do not have assigned reading, then they should be self-selecting material based on interest.  This may include novels, picture books, poetry, magazines, graphic novels, etc.


        At the 6th Grade level, students should be completing approximately 60 minutes of homework per night. If a single night's homework is taking more time than that, consider it a red flag. Please have your child stop and contact me so we can identify the issue.
    This year, your child will work on several long term projects. For the majority of these, work will be assigned in sections to help your child learn to plan these types of assignments and budget his/her time. Please reinforce the importance of meeting these small deadlines, even though work will not always be turned in on the deadline due date. Failure to budget time and complete projects in smaller sections will certainly result in long, frustrating nights before the project is due!


    Step 1:       “Read the directions to me.”  “What should you do?”   If unable to read directions or retell what he/she should do:  “Listen to the directions.”  “What should you do first? next? next?”


    Step 2:      “Do the first one for me.” (Watch carefully) If unable to do the first item:

    * Model- “Watch me do the problem.”

    * Lead- “Let’s do the next problem together.”

    * Test- “Do the next one by yourself”

    If the item is incorrect, Lead and Test again.


                     Step 3       “Do these problems and let me know when you are done.”

    (Circle the next two items on the page.)


                     Step 4       “Let’s check your work” (Check items. Circle errors.)

    If any items are incorrect: “Redo this item”

    If work is still incorrect:

    * Lead- “Let‘s do this item together.”

    * Test- “Do this one yourself”

    If there are many errors, return to Step 3.


                     Step 5       “Do the rest of the assignment.”


                     Step 6       “Let’s check your work. “  (Check items. Circle errors.)

    If any items are incorrect, refer to Step 4 for correcting errors.


                     Step 7       Praise your child for correct responses and effort.

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