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Book Projects

Book Projects

These projects include technology:

1. Create a book trailer

  • Just like a movie trailer, a book trailer tells the story in a way that touches on the highlights, but sells the audience on wanting to experience it. There are a number of great resources students can use, including imovie, Animoto for Education, PhotoPeach, and Go!Animate.

For a sample book trailer click here: Trailers

2. Cube Creator -

  • Click on the link CUBE to create the story cube. Print and make the cube to share with the class. Be sure to edit for spelling and grammar.

3. Create a multi-media collage -

  • Glogster is a FREE service that allows users to create one-page media-mash-ups using images, audio, video, text, and more.  Your glogster must summarize your book.

4. Create a podcast or QR code advertisement/review-

  • This could take the form of a book review or a scripted interview with either the author of the book or one of the reader's favorite characters. Students could choose to use audio only or take it a step further through the use of video, props, and costumes. PodBean offers free podcast hosting.

5. Create an interactive 3-D pop-up book -

  • ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books. ZooBurst books “live” online and can be experienced on your desktop or laptop computer, or on your iPad via the free ZooBurst mobile app. Authors can arrange characters and props within a 3D world that can be customized using uploaded artwork or items

Book Projects with the option of using technology:

1. Tagxedo word poetry- List 15-20 different words that represent the book you've read. These can be about the characters, setting theme or plot. Go to Tagxedo to make and print a word cloud for your book. Be ready to explain how the words are important to your story.

2. Make a dictionary containing 15 or more difficult words from the book

  •   Find 15 or more words from your book that you do not know

  •    Make a list of them in alphabetical order

  •    Include the:  Definition, Part of speech, 2 synonyms, and the word used correctly in context in a sentence

3. Produce models of two objects which were important in the book you read

·      You are to create 2 models from scratch

·      You may use a variety of materials including, but not limited to, clay, plaster, paper, wood, etc.

·      You must attach a card to each model describing in complete sentences with correct punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc. telling why that object was important to the book.


4. Plan a party for the characters in the book you read

·      Design an invitation to the party that would appeal for all characters

·      What kind of party is this? (birthday, housewarming, anniversary, etc.) Describe your choice based on evidence and details from the story.

·      Imagine that you are five of the characters and tell what each character would wear to the party using descriptive word choices. Include WHY each character would wear that outfit based on his/her characterization

·      Tell what food you would serve in a descriptive manner and why

·      Tell what games or entertainment you will provide and why your choices are appropriate

·      Tell how three of the characters will act at the party and why based on the characterization of those characters

5. Pretend you are a teacher, preparing to teach your novel to the entire class

·      Use this project for a non-fiction book

·      Prepare a lesson that will teach something you learned form the book. It could be a “how-to” lesson or one on content

·      Plan carefully to present all necessary information in a logical order. You don’t want to confuse your students!

·      Reflect on your lesson. How did you do? If you taught a how-to lesson, look at the final product to see if your instructions to the class were clear.

·      If your lesson introduced something new, you might give a short quiz to see how well you taught your lesson.

6. Create a new book cover or "movie" poster

  •  Either draw pictures or use images from magazines, newspapers, etc.

  •  Also choose important quotes, create taglines, and provide a brief synopsis to "sell" the story to the potential audience.

  •  Include reviews and a rating

7. Create a novel soundtrack

  •  Choose a minimum of 5 songs that represent the characters, setting, themes, motifs, plotline, etc. of the novel being studied.

  •  Write notes for each song detailing the song information (title, artist, album) who or what the song represents, and why the song was.

8. Create a character

  •  Create a character that would fit into the world of the novel.

  •  Write up a character sketch and then construct a scene in which the new character interacts with one or more of the main characters of the story. The character and the interaction must remain true to the setting and voice of the original author.

9. Arrange a crossword puzzle using ideas from the book

·      You need at least 20 entries

·      Remember to give descriptive clues so somebody who read the book could answer them

·      You need to have words going “Across” and “Down”

·      Provide the answers to your clues on a separate sheet of paper

10. Create a cereal box book report

  •  Get the template for each part of the cereal box report.  Samples are available to look at.

    11. Write a character resume - Choose a character, consider what type of job the character would be seeking, and write a resume for that job. This exercise gives students the opportunity to think about the text in a different way and also exposes them to an authentic life skill (resume writing). It also allows students the flexibility of creativity. Resumes may be funny or serious as long as it reflects the true nature of the character.