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About Me

About Ms. Bound

Education: I received my degree in Elementary Ed. from the University of Northern Colorado in 1985 and completed my Masters in Elementary Reading and Literacy in 2006. I continue to take staff development classes because I love  learning and improving what I do.

Teaching Background: I started teaching  second grade in Brush, Colorado, and then moved to Colorado Springs before coming to Sand Creek shortly after it opened.  Here, I taught third grade for eight years prior to moving to fifth grade where I will begin my 13th year this fall.  I love it here!

Teaching Approach/Philosophy: I approach teaching by honoring kids where they are and recognizing all the great things that make them an individual. My favorite part is really getting to know them and creating a safe, fun, enriching environment. When kids feel safe and valued, they perform much better and are willing to take risks.  I expect them to succeed, and I use many tools and methods to reach them. Reading is one of my passions, so that spills over into all we do in class.  I love watching students think and create and come out of their shells.  It's an amazing job I have.

My Family: I have lived in Colorado all of my life, and I was actually born in the same hospital where I had my son.  My daughter, Kelsey is in college  and my son, Austin, works in Denver.  I love to do things outdoors like walking, biking, hiking... and I love doing all of this with my family.  We've  been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places that have really opened my eyes to this beautiful world we live in! This summer I traveled to the Dominican Republic and Uganda. It was awesome!! Previously my family went to Africa  to work in an orphanage there, and this year we got to return - it's an amazing place!