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Ms. Bound

Ms. Ginger Bound

5th Grade Classroom News


    Phone: (303)387-6660

Classroom News/Announcements

Have a great summer vacation!!

Important dates: 

Specials Schedule

For the week of : 


For the week: 

Math Tic Tac Toe Board

My Math class will be using ZEARN 

Class code: RH4M6V

Prodigy code:95E50

Decimal Practice:

Rounding Practice:

Pirate Game

Soccer Rounding

Place Value Games:

PV Millionaire

Shoot the Fruit PV

PV Hockey

Personalized Math Choice Board

Beginning of the year review for math pre-test:

Number Sense Unit:

Divisibility Game



Fact Dash

Factor and Divisibility Game

Math - Math All Around Us

Math Interactive Skills

Math Practice

Math Magician


Integer games:

Digit Drop Integers

Integer Balloons

Math Llines

Orbit Integers

Spider Match



For the week of :

1. Click Typingpal Online-for Schools

2. Click Typing Pal School log in

3. Enter the code- dcsdscms

4. Enter username and password (lastnamefirstinitialmiddleinitial, lunch #)

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