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Ms. Bound

Ms. Ginger Bound

5th Grade Classroom News


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Classroom News/Announcements

For the week of October 16th:
I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful fall break. We're back to work with many new activities in class! 

Volunteers Needed: I'm still in need of volunteers who would be able and willing to volunteer forFriday folder help on an occasional  Friday. Here is the link if you can help.   Thank you in advance!!

Important dates: 

Specials Schedule

        For the week of October 16th


For the week of October 16th:

Math Tic Tac Toe Board

My Math class will be using ZEARN 

Class code: RH4M6V

Decimal Practice:

Rounding Practice:

Pirate Game

Soccer Rounding

Place Value Games:

PV Millionaire

Shoot the Fruit PV

PV Hockey

Personalized Math Choice Board

Beginning of the year review for math pre-test:

Number Sense Unit:

Divisibility Game



Fact Dash

Factor and Divisibility Game

Math - Math All Around Us

Math Interactive Skills

Math Practice

Math Magician


Integer games:

Digit Drop Integers

Integer Balloons

Math Llines

Orbit Integers

Spider Match



For the week of October 16th
  • Spelling:  Packet due Friday, Test Friday
  • Read 20 pages or 30 minutes daily (students have a self-selected novel to read for class and will finish at the end of next week)
  • Have free time?... Typing Pay or iReady
  • IXL - Students are working on September lessons on their IXL assignment sheet
  • iReady- 45 minutes per week of Math and 45 minutes per week of Reading if not done at school, they'll need to do it at home
  • Here is the link for i-Ready

1. Click Typingpal Online-for Schools

2. Click Typing Pal School log in

3. Enter the code- dcsdscms

4. Enter username and password (lastnamefirstinitialmiddleinitial, lunch #)

Integration Block

  • Week of October 16th: 
We're  starting our study of the original 13 colonies and Revolutionary War as well as historical fiction and opinion writing.

Here is the link for the Colony Pathway Activities
Jamestown This is the link for the Captain John Smith Homework.