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Social Studies

Marco Polo Interactive Map

Marco Polo Study Ladder

Middle Ages for Kids


Prime Meridian, Longitude, Latitude, Equator

Sea Monster Facts

Silk Road Brainpop

Syrian Journey: Choose Your Own Escape Route

Timeline Maker

The Great Age of Exploration video and quiz

The Silk Road video

Time and Navigation

Viking Training SchoolViking Training School

Vasco DaGama

Materials Traded in the Columbian Exchange

Newsela Articles Assignment:

What is Culture?

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                                                                        World Explorer Quiz

Test you knowledge on five great world explorers. You must earn at least 200 points. Take a screenshot of your score and upload it to your SeeSaw.

Explorers to Choose from for Robotics Project

Amerigo Vespucci

Bartolome Dias

Francis Drake

Francisco Pizarro

Vasco de Balboa

Hernan Cortes

Vasco da Gama

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