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  • Learn that the basic unit of life is the cell.
  • Learn that all cells have basic needs—water, food, gas exchange, and waste disposal.
  • Learn how materials are transported to cells in multicellular organisms.
  • Learn the structures and functions of the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and excretory systems in humans.
  • Learn that vascular plants have specialized tissues (xylem and phloem tubes) for the transport of water, minerals, and sugar to cells.
  • Discover that leaves play an important role in the transport of water to cells in vascular plants.
  • Learn that green plant cells make sugar from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight, and release oxygen.
  • Learn that plant and animal cells obtain energy by breaking down sugar into carbon dioxide and water (cellular respiration).
  • Classify leaves based on venation pattern.
  • Design, conduct, and analyze the results of experiments.
  • Write scientific reports.
  • Use metric tools and make and record quantitative observations in a scientific investigation.

Body Systems Pathway:

Step 2: Take the following quizzes and take a screenshot of you score. Upload your score on your SeeSaw and label it Body Systems PRETEST. Record your scores on your pathway also.
• the Heart and Circulatory System Quiz
• the Lungs and Respiratory System Quiz
• the Digestive System Quiz
•the Urinary System Quiz    
Step 3: Complete the activities on your pathway. If you scored 90% or better, complete an Exceeds activity. If you scored below 90%, complete the Meets Expectations activities. If you scored 90% on all of the quizzes, you will participate in the Body Systems Webquest.
Step 4: Retake the quizzes to see your growth. Take screenshots of each final quiz score and upload them into your SeeSaw.
Meet Expectations Activities: Circulatory System
1. Watch the Circulatory System Brainpop. Take the quiz and record          your score   on your pathway.  If you score less than 75%, watch the movie                again and  retake  the quiz.

2..  Go to Biology Drag and Drop and label the main parts of the heart. Don't quit until you've completed it correctly.
3.  Watch the Circulatory System Study Jams Video and take the quiz.  If you miss more than 1, watch the video again and retake the quiz for a better grade.

Exceeds Expectations Circulatory System Choose 1 or more

1. Circulatory System Brainpop Challenge Record your score on your pathway, and put a screenshot of it in your SeeSaw. If you get less than 13, retake the challenge.

2.  Cellular Service Activity:  Follow a small sample of blood as it travels throughout the body in the Cellular Service activity.  Record your score out of a possible 50 points. If you score less than 40, replay.

3.   A Mutation Story - watch the video and write a paragraph explaining what the role of red blood cells are and how their structure relates to their function.  Explain how does a mutation in the red blood cell gene affects the structure and function of red blood cells.

4.  Watch From The Heart.  Create a model that shows how blood travels through the body and how blood is important to all cells.

5.  Make Blood Plasma soup at home.  Make a video of yourself explaining the 4 components of blood, what blood type means, and what different kinds of blood cells do and look like.

6. Read the Newsela Article Scientists test energy drink, learn it may not be good for healthy hearts and take the quiz.

7.  Read the book The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body, and take the online quiz.

Meet Expectations Activities: Respiratory System

    1.  Science-Hawaii-The Respiratory System: complete the four activities.  Record the number of stars on your certificate on your pathway, and screenshot your certificate and upload it to SeeSaw.

  2.  Lungs Video and quiz
    Watch this video on lungs,  Lungs Video then take the quiz at  and record your grade to on your pathway.  Screenshot your score to SeeSaw.   If you score lower than 75%, watch the video again and retake the quiz.           

  3.  Watch the Respiratory System Brainpop.  Take the quiz and record your score  on your pathway.  If you score less than 75%, watch the movie again and  retake  the quiz.

Exceeds Expectations Respiratory System Choose 1 or more

1. Create a model of a lung. Directions are online:

2. Respiratory System Crossword puzzle (get it from Mrs. Stage)

3.  Read the Newsela Article on Green Sea Slugs and take the quiz. Go to the Activities tab to find the Quiz.  Make sure the English level is 840 or lower.

4.  Breathing Systems Facts for Kids:  Read the 3 sections about breathing and watch the Respiratory System video at the end.

Meet Expectations Activities: Digestive System

    1.  Connect to KidsHealth, and read the entire article.   

     2.  Watch the Digestive System Brainpop.  Take the quiz and record your score             on your pathway.  If you score less than 75%, watch the movie again and                   retake  the quiz.

     3.  Watch the Digestive System Study Jam video and take they quiz.  If you miss            more than 2, watch the video again and retake the quiz for a better score.   

Exceeds Expectations: Digestive System Choose 1 or more
  1.  Choose a Health Problem to research.  Use a presentation program    such as Prezi or Pictochart to share your learnings with the class.
  2.   Watch School House Rock Body Machine.  Create a model that shows the body using food to create energy in all the cells, and how all of the systems work together to complete the process. 
  3.  Use the 2D and 3D viewer to explore the different structures of the digestive system.
  4.  Read about digestion and take the quiz on Digestion

Meet Expectations Activities: Urinary System

1. Watch the Urinary System Brainpop. Take the quiz and record your score  on your pathway.  If you score less than 75%, watch the  movie again and  retake  the quiz.  Screenshot your passing score and upload it to SeeSaw.

2. Watch the Watch Know Learn video: Excretory System

  3.  Complete the Urinary Systems Diagram worksheet.

Exceeds Expectations: Urinary System

1.  Explore your Kidneys and Urinary tract and fascinating information about urine.

2. The Excretory System 19.3  Read the article and and answer the questions at the end in complete sentences.  You can get a printed copy of the the questions from Mrs. Stage

Monarch Butterflies


We have had many questions during class, that we don't have to resources to find the answers to.  Please post any questions you have related to the topic we are studying, currently the human body systems.  If you know the answers to any of our posted questions, or have done some research to discover the answers, please add those to our blog as well.

Plant Systems

Watch the Study Jams slide show on plant cells; be sure to read the information at the bottom of each slide. (Just looking at the pictures won't be as helpful!) Do the Test Yourself and record your score on a piece of paper to turn in. Sing the Karaoke song! Yes, this is part of the assignment!  

Watch the video with Mr. Know It All about plot diagrams to help you plan your short story in writing.

Watch the Study Jams video on photosynthesis, sing the Karaoke and then test yourself. Record your score on a piece of paper and turn. 

If you'd like to learn more about Cellular Respiration, you can watch this You Tube video.  This is not an assignment, we have just had several questions about how cellular respiration really works.   


Mixtures and Solutions

Online Mixtures and Solutions Chapters  - click here to listen to the chapters while you read along in the book.

Zoom Chemistry Activities

Matter Sorter Game Up

 Kids Science Experiments

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