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5th Grade Reading Expectations
 Students should have 45 minutes of independent reading activities each day so we count this as:  20 minutes novel reading, 10 minutes writing about their reading, and 15 minutes of IReady.  They get quite a bit of this done in class.  They should fill in their Reading Log daily after they read so you will know if they read in school, or need to read more at night.  They keep their Reading Log in their Homework Folder.  I check their IReady minutes on Sunday nights to see if they completed their 45 minutes the prior week.  If not, they will complete these minutes during recess that week

Beginning of the year skill review:

Online Interactive Language Arts Skills

Click here to link to activities similar to what we are learning in class.  Practice online and improve your skills!

IReady Login

IXL Login

Unit 1- Interpretation Book Clubs: Analyzing Themes

Application of Knowledge: Students will know that... 

• Authors improve their writing about reading by revising their work 

. • Authors use characters to change the perspective of their story .

 • Book clubs elevate the level of reading, thinking, and conversations about books 

. • Readers analyze a literary text by studying the author's goals 

. • Readers can debate different viewpoints of a story and support it with evidence to persuade the other person .

 • Readers use different lenses as they revisit a text in order to gain new ideas and insights .

 • Readers who write about their reading are extra alert, seeing more in their books .

 • Reading with others helps people to notice more about a story .

 • Sophisticated readers always consider the theme as they read, comparing and contrasting themes across different texts

 . • To become a better reader you need to read more complex novels and think in more complex ways . Application of Skills: Students will be able to... 

• compare and contrast the ways themes are developed across texts .

 • explain how themes change in a story, allowing for new ideas and new interpretation 

. • read interpretively by using ideas as lenses, finding and weighing evidence, and settling on the most significant theme

 . • set goals to strengthen their talk about books 

. • think and write analytically about reading 

. • work together in book clubs to identify the themes in various texts

Hurricane Irma Newscast video

Dolphin Video

Classroom Resources

LLama Pajamas Book Unit - Discovery Education - assignment code T4AB4-441D, first initial last name (most of the time), 00001

Black Pearl Unit - Discovery Educationassignment code

 T91C2-45E0, first initial last name (most of the time), 00001

Disney Characterization Webquest

 Patricia Polacco Interview

Millennium Mystery Madness  thinkquest

How to Write a Mystery - story starters, plots, building suspense

What Book Should I Read?

Having trouble selecting an independent book?  Try this site: Book Hive

You can click on 'find a book' and enter a genre you are interested in to find suggestions!

If you've selected a book and wonder what reading level it is, try this site:

Book Wizard. You can enter the title and it will tell you the reading level.

How to Write a Summary

Summary Test

How to Write a Summary