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Parent's Corner

Dear Parents,

This year we're going to use a new tool to share what we're learning in class called Seesaw. Your child will have his or her own learning journal, and you can get notified when your child adds new items. It's completely private -- only you can see your child's journal outside of class.

Click on to sign up -- it takes just 30 seconds.

Once you sign up, you can download the Seesaw Parent app for iPhone or Android, or access your child's journal on the web.


P.S. If you have more than one child using Seesaw, or want to add a new class/school year for your child, follow the link in this email, then click 'Sign in' tab at the top. You do not need to create a new account.

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Keeping Your Child Motivated

  1. Praise your child for their effort rather than their ability. Reward them when they study hard and remind them that is why they do well. Consistent hard work is a better predictor of success in the long-run than natural talent.
  2. Gradual studies over a long period of time work better than cramming. We don’t brush our teeth 50 times the day before a dentist appointment, so your child shouldn’t try to learn 50 vocabulary words the day before the test! Make sure they do regular practice in school, sports, music, or any other activity.
  3. Encourage your kids to do math outside of school. Ask your child how much change you’ll get when at the cashier at the grocery store. Ask them to estimate an appropriate tip at a restaurant.