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Classroom Procedures

Friday Folders and Communication

Friday is designated as "Take Home Info Day".  Evaluated student work and community and school information are enclosed in the folder.  Please review the information, remove the weekly papers and send the folder back to school on Monday.

Our classroom website will remind you of upcoming events, supplies needed, projects and tests.  Helping your student access this information on our class website will teach your child strategies for being responsible for their education and ensure a successful school year.  This will also help you foster long-term planning and study techniques in your child.

Water and Snacks

Please bring a snack each day.  Snacks can include fresh fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, granola bars, fruit roll-ups, etc.  Please do not send candy and chips or drinks.  Students will be asked to save these items for lunchtime. Healthy snacks such as fruit, whole grains and less processed sugars and fats help our brains work better. Silverware, microwaves and refrigerators are not available to students. Students may keep a water bottle on their desks if they choose to.

Birthday Celebrations

As part of Sand Creek’s Green Flag initiative, our Green Team selected the Healthy Schools Pathway. As part of this pathway, we no longer allow Birthday food treats during the school day. We celebrate each student’s birthday by calling their name on the announcements, give them a birthday pencil, and have them come down to the front office and have their picture taken in front of our green screen. Student’s then can choose any background that they would like to have on their picture. This photo is then shared on our social media for friends and family to see!