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Classroom Behavior Expectations

2018-2019 Class Mission Statement:   We are PeaceBuilders.  We are a thinking community who use strategies to solve problems and help our behavior.  We will have flexible thinking to grow unique ideas.  We will show what we know and think.  We will use the "Power of Yet" to help s persevere.  We believe that mistakes are proof that our brains are growing.  We analyze our thoughts so we will have respectful attitudes.  Smart is something we're becoming.  We will follow SOAR expectations: Safe, Organized, Accountable, Respectful.  We will right our wrongs.  We will give put ups and compliments.  WE BELIEVE IN US!  

Presentation Tutorials:


School Behavior Expectations:   SOAR behaviors (Safe, Organized, achieve, respect and responsible)

 Attitudes of Learning:  creativity, empathy, independence, cooperation, appreciation, curiosity, integrity, commitment, confidence, respect, tolerance and enthusiasm.



    During our first few weeks together, we develop a mission statement and a set of guidelines for appropriate classroom behavior.  We will be working on developing a sense of community.  We will experience activities to help us practice thinking critically and creatively, learn how to communicate effectively and work collaboratively.  These activities will help us to write Mission Statement and agree to our consequences when we do not uphold our agreements in the mission statement.

We will use a clip chart to help us modify behavior.  Students have the opportunity to move their clips up from Ready to Learn, to Good Day, Great Job and Outstanding.  Students will bring home a note when they have had such a good day that they reached "outstanding".  If they go above and beyond outstanding, they get to decorate their clip.  Likewise, on days that are not so good, students may move their clip from Ready to Learn, down to Think About It (5 minutes of recess), Teacher's Choice, or to Parent contact.  You will be notified with a Time Out slip, or receive an email from your child at Parent Contact.  This level may also result in a visit to the principal's office if your child goes to this level repeatedly.

We will also be continuing a school wide program called "Second Step".  This program helps children with empathy, impulse control and conflict resolution. 

Each day is a new day.  We start with a clean slate.