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SSIT = Self-Selected Inquiry Time

Critical Thinking/Technology Enrichment

You may use your SSIT time to work on School Adventures or WebQuests.

School Adventures:

Click on the link below each title.  Read the information provided, surf the site, and complete the activity.

The Dirt on Soil - What's Really Going On Underground

A toxic chemical has spilled and is spreading through the underground water.  It will destroy the meadow and it's life unless you can find something to stop it.  Take the Soil Safari and see if you can save the meadow!

Understanding the Universe

Take a Galaxy Tour.  Download the cryptogram and print it out.  Complete it and turn it in.

The Universe Cryptogram

The Search for Ancient Sharks

Explore the ancient seas and the prehistoric shark gallery.  Draw a picture of what you think a 400 million-year-old Pucampellas shark would look like.  Color the sea around it to look the way the warm seas of the Northern Hemisphere looked at that time.


Read the information about whales on the All About Whales website.  Click on the link at the bottom to complete a whale activity of your choice.  Afterwards, download the Whale Quiz below, complete it and turn it in.

 All About Whales

Whale Quiz

Respiratory System Think Quest
Respiratory System ThinkQuest

Circulatory ThinkQuest

Aortic Aneursym Surgery

NBC Learn:  Educational Video Series   click here to choose one of the following topics

Summer Olympics

News Stories

NHL Hockey

Science of NFL Football

Chemistry Now

Changing Planet

Science of the Olympic Winter Games

Finishing the Dream

Sinking of the Titanic


Poetry Scavenger Hunt


Cyberbullying Stinks

Christopher Columbus

The Great Depression

Native American Tribes

Christopher Columbus

Severe Weather


Fractions in Action

The Underground Railroad

Colonial America

Math All Around Us

Geography:  The 50 States

Renewable/Nonrenewable Energy

Weathering and Erosion

Geometry:  Quiltying

History:  Immigration

Math Computation Practice

XtraMath -

Log in to XtraMath and complete your math fact practice assignment.  Then click on internet4classrooms.5th-mathbuilders.htm, select a topic you have worked on recently in class, choose a website it suggests and practice your skills on one of the websites.

Sentence Structure

5th Grade Sentence Problems

Click on the Sentence Problems link.  Choose a sentence problem to work on.  Work your way through the 22 sentence problems.

Test Taking Strategies


Antonyms, Synoyms and Homonyms -

Watch the video on Brainpop.  Click on the Activity box.  Choose 1 of the activities to complete either the Activity, Graphic Organizer or Vocabulary.  Print it out when you are done, make sure your name is on it and put it in your RtI folder.  Click on the FYI box.  Click on the Quirky Stuff button and read the poem.  Take the review quiz until you get at least 8 out of 10 correct then take the written quiz.  Type in your name, print it out and turn in your quiz.

Spelling Word Practice - Go to and put in your spelling words for this week.  Create your list then select a game to play with your spelling words.

Spelling Word Practice - Go to and put in your spelling words for this week. Type them carefully so you don't misspell them.  Then, play a game, do flashcards or take a test.