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Classroom Procedures

Dear Parents,

Welcome to 4th grade at Sand Creek!  I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year with your children.  To insure this success, it will be helpful to share with you some information about our classroom.



I have high expectations for the students in my class.  During our first few weeks together, we will develop a mission statement and a set of guidelines for appropriate classroom behavior.  We will be working on a sense of community.  Classroom meetings will be held regularly.  These meetings help children discuss classroom and recess issues.  We will be continuing a program called "Second Step."  This program gives students tools to help them understand empathy, impulse control and conflict resolution.

Water and Snacks

All students should bring water bottles to school.  Walking to the hallway for a drink of water is often disruptive to learning.  Since the morning is long, I also suggest that each child bring a healthy snack to enjoy midmorning.  Snacks can include fresh fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, granola bars, fruit roll-ups, etc.  Please do not send candy, puddings, yogurt, or drinks as snack items.


Friday is designated as "Take Home Information Day".  Friday Folders will include evaluated student work, and community and school information.  Please review the information, remove the weekly papers, and send the folder back to school on Monday. 

The classroom and school websites are updated on Fridays.  This website will remind you of upcoming events, supplies needed, projects and tests.  Accessing this website will help you foster long-term planning and study techniques with your child.