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Mrs. Esparza- December 9, 2018

Welcome to 4th Grade
Mrs. Esparza

Up Coming Events at SCE

Field Trip- December 10th 

We will be going to the Colorado History Center. 

Students will need to have a sack lunch to enjoy on our trip. 

We will be gone from 10:00-2:30. 

Please make sure that you use the link to fill out the permission slip and pay the fee. 

Once there, click on the school store and browse all and find the field trip.  Once the field trip is selected, permission slips can be filled out and payment can be made through myschoolbucks.

Winter Party- December 20th

Winter Break- December 21st- January 4th 

Specials Schedule-10:05-10:45

10-14 Technology and P.E.
17-20 Art and Music
7-11 P.E. and Technology
14-18 Music and Art
21-25 Technology and P.E.
28-1 Art and Music

Social Studies

Colorado History

During this unit on Explorers, students will be learning about how early explorers and traders shaped Colorado history. Students will specifically look at the Spanish Explorers and the Fur Trappers and Traders. 


Life Science

A Glance At Our Week

Reading- We continued to work on our Non-Fiction Unit. We are focusing on text features this upcoming week. This includes problem and solution, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and chronological. Please make sure that your student has a nonfiction book of their choice for reading group. 

Math-This week we completed out i-Ready Math mid year diagnosis. The students did a wonderful job and showed amazing growth. We will continue long division until winter break. 

Science- This week students presented their animal classification projects with the class. We will continue with life science this week. We will focus on food chains. 

Social Studies- We started our third unit in Colorado History, Explorers. The students learned about the different Spanish Explorers that came through Colorado. They made connections with their life while reading. We will continue studying the explorers the next couple of weeks. 

4th Grade Daily Schedule

4th Grade Schedule
9:05-9:15 Check-in
9:15-9:30 Vocabulary Word Work
9:30-10:00- Universal Math 
10:00-10:40 Special A
10:40-11:20 Special B (Except Friday) 
11:20-12:25 Math
12:30-1:10 Lunch/Recess
1:15-1:40 Universal Reading
1:40- 2:20- Reading 
2:20-2:35 Recess
2:35-3:10- Writing
3:10-3:45 Science/Social Studies
3:45-4:00 Planner and Check-Out


Reading- Students maybe assigned reading homework Monday through Thursday. However will align to instruction. If an official reading assignment is not given the students will be asked to read 20 minutes that night. 

Math Facts- Study multiplication facts 15 minutes a day. Students will be bring home flash cards that they can use at home.  Students can also study facts with Reflex Math online. 

Math- Students will be sent home with a student math link for the lesson they learned on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. 

If your student does not have their homework completed they will complete their work during their second recess. They are responsible each night to complete their assigned tasks. 


Module 3
Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division

In this unit students will use their place value understanding as a visual to solve multiplication and division problems with multi-digits. They will begin with investigating the formulas for area and perimeter. From there, they will then begin multiplying single-digit numbers by multiples of 10,100, and 1,000.  Next, students will be multiplying multi-digit numbers times a single digit. After that, students will then move into division. Within division students should be able to create arrays and area models to solve problems with remainders. Next, they will then use these skills to begin dividing multi-digit by a single digit with remainders. After that, we will go back to multiplication and focus on multiplying two-digit by two-digit numbers.