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Mrs. Esparza- March 1

Welcome to 4th Grade
Mrs. Esparza

Up Coming Events at SCE

Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 19-23- Spring Break 

Specials Schedule-10:00-11:20

4-8- P.E. and Technology
11-15- Music and Art
18-22 Spring Break
25-29- Technology and P.E.
1-5 Art and Music
11-12 P.E. and Technology
18-Music and Art
22-26 Technology and P.E.
29-3- Art and Music
6-10- P.E. and Technology
13-17- Music and Art
20-24- Technology and P.E.

Social Studies

Colorado History
A Changing Colorado
During this chapter students will be learning about how Colorado went from a territory to a state. This includes the Homestead Act, building of railroads, and ranching.  


Life Science

A Glance At Our Week

Reading- We finished working on non-fiction in our reading class this week. Student worked hard on writing summaries. Our next unit will be Historical Fiction.  

Friday, March 1st was Read Across America. Our school decorates our classroom doors. The students picked a Harry Potter theme and it turned out GREAT!! Students spent Friday enjoying a book of their choice to celebrate this day!!

Math- This week in math, students continued to work on Fractions. Students are now working on comparing fractions using a tape digram as well as a number line. 

Science/Writing- We are continuing to work on our research project, which is focused on life science. Students picked an animal of choice and will be researching their animals habitat, food chain/web, and adaptations. With this information, we will be writing a five paragraph essay. Student will also make a visual to go with their research. This should be an at school project, however they can work on the visual at home if they would like. We will be hopefully completing the project on Friday and then presenting the week before spring break. 

Social Studies- In Social Studies this week we continued with  Economics. Students explored choices with opportunity cost, risks and trade-offs. 

4th Grade Daily Schedule

4th Grade Schedule
9:05-9:15 Check-in
9:15-9:30 Vocabulary Word Work
9:30-10:00- Universal Math 
10:00-10:40 Special A
10:40-11:20 Special B (Except Friday) 
11:20-12:25 Math
12:30-1:10 Lunch/Recess
1:15-1:40 Universal Reading
1:40- 2:20- Reading 
2:20-2:35 Recess
2:35-3:10- Writing
3:10-3:45 Science/Social Studies
3:45-4:00 Planner and Check-Out


Reading- Students maybe assigned reading homework Monday through Thursday. However will align to instruction. If an official reading assignment is not given the students will be asked to read 20 minutes that night. 

Math Facts- Study multiplication facts 15 minutes a day. Students will be bring home flash cards that they can use at home.  Students can also study facts with Reflex Math online. 

Math- Students will be sent home with a student math link for the lesson they learned on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. 

If your student does not have their homework completed they will complete their work during their second recess. They are responsible each night to complete their assigned tasks. 


Module 5
Fractions Equivalence, Ordering, and Operations

During this module students will be learning to decompose and find equivalent fractions. They will be using multiplication and division to find equivalence with like and unlike denominators. Students will also use benchmark fractions to learn how to compare multiple fractions. Last, they will focus on addition and subtractions of fractions with like denominators.