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Mrs. Esparza

Welcome to 4th Grade
Mrs. Esparza
Phone: 303-387-6600 

Specials Schedule-10:05-10:45


Social Studies


Life Science

4th Grade Daily Schedule

4th Grade Schedule
9:05-9:15 Check-in
9:15-10:00 Writing or Technology
10:05-10:45 Specials
10:45-11:15 Snack, Social Studies or Library
11:15-12:25 Math
12:30-1:10 Lunch/Recess
1:15-2:25 Reading
2:30-2:45 Recess
2:45-3:45 Science
3:45-4:00 Planner and Check-Out

Language Arts

Fiction Reading
This year in reading students will be focusing on story elements. These elements include setting, character, plot, problem, solution, and theme. We will read short stories, chapter books, poems, and legends to learn about these elements. 

Non-Fiction Reading
Along with fiction reading skills, students will also focus on non-fiction reading. The students will work on these skill while reading in science and social studies. These skills will include cause and effect, compare and contrast, fact and opinion, main idea and details. These skills will be practiced within the text books for science and social studies, as well as reading articles and diaries. 

This year in writing students will be completing pieces in several different genres such as descriptive, informative, opinion and reading responses. Students will goals in their writing around the organization, introduction, body, vocabulary, different sentence types, conclusion, conventions, and multiple paragraphs. 



Reading- Read your choice of book 20 minutes a day. Students will be reading a book that focuses on the reading elements taught in class. Each students will have a book project based on those elements. 

Math Facts- Study multiplication facts 15 minutes a day. Students will be bring home flash cards that they can use at home.  Students can also study facts with Reflex Math online. 

Math- Students will be sent home with a student math link for the lesson they learned on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. 

If your student does not have their homework completed they will complete their work during their second recess. They are responsible each night to complete their assigned tasks.