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Welcome letter


Dear Third Grader,


Welcome to third grade! I am so excited to meet you and welcome you to our classroom. We are going to have a great year of learning and having fun together.  I hope that you are enjoying your summer break and will be ready to start school.


Supply Drop Off is Thursday, August 8th from 4:00-6:00pm. This is your chance to see our room and put your supplies away before the first day of school.  If you ordered an EPI kit, it will be here for you.  You will also get the chance to label your other school supplies.


The first day of school is Wednesday, August 10th . We will have fun getting to know each other on that day. Snack time is during our morning recess, so please bring a healthy snack with you to school. It’s important that we give our brains a little energy boost to make it until lunch. You may also bring in a water bottle to leave at your desk for when you get thirsty.


I am so pleased to welcome you to third grade. I like to consider third grade as a journey, which we will go through together. We will have so much fun on this journey. We will learn about many new things, including, Native Americans, matter, rocks, economics, life cycles, cursive writing, multiplication and much more. It will be a year full of new adventures.


To have a great start in third grade, you can start memorizing your multiplication facts before the new year begins.





Mrs. Landgrave