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Mrs. Landgrave



Classroom Documents and Helpful LInks

This is a link for the students to access third grade web sites for our Social Studies and Science units.

Math Blaster
Pearl Diver
All of the Everyday Math Apps (just search for Everyday Math)
Slice It
Motion Math (there's a bunch of these so choose the ones that seem appropriate)
Sushi Monster
Math Ninja
Lumio Farm Factor
Math Champ Challenge

Apple's App Store also has an Education section. Click categories and go to education. Then there are buttons for each subject area. Lots of awesome stuff. 

Mrs.  Landgrave's Third Grade Class

Phone: 303-387-6600

Science/Social Studies

We will begin our studies covering the Native Americans. The first region we will study will be the Native Americans of the Plains.  
After learning about the Plains indians, we are learning about the Native Americans of the southwest.  Right before fall break, we made a navajo necklace.  


Reading rotations are continuing. 
This week in reading we will continue to read using our leveled reading books.  We will also read from our story works jr magazine.  
For writing, we will learn how to write an opinion paragraph. 


Classroom News

Thanks you so much for attending parent teacher conferences.  I had a wonderful time visiting with you and discussing the progress that your child is making so far this year.  
I hope that you all had a wonderful fall break with your families.  


We will   not be having a spelling packet this week. 
Your child will  usually bring a math sheet home each night for homework. 

Here are the instructions for typing pal.  Tuesdays and Thursdays will be our typing pal homework days.  They can certainly do more if they choose.  

Institution Code: dcsdscms

Username: last name, first initial, middle initial

Password: lunch number


Last year, your child was working in the Eureka math program.  We will continue with this program this year.  Our first unit will begin by covering these topics:
Understanding equal groups of as multiplication.
Relating multiplication to the array model
Interpreting the meaning of factors
Understanding the meaning of the unknown as the size of the group in division
Interpret the unknown in division using arrays
Demonstrate the commutativity of multiplication
Practice related facts by skip counting
The students should be working on their multiplication facts at home each night.  We have started to work on our twos and threes multiplication facts.  Please quiz your child whenever possible.  I would quiz my kiddos during car rides, at the dinner table, etc.  
We are starting a new unit in math after fall break.  It will cover measurement.
I will send home their unit tests from the last unit in this weeks Friday folders.