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Mrs. Hibbs

Mrs. Hibbs's
 Third Grade News


              My Google Voice phone number is 720.258.6298

                  I will be calling from that number when I call you.


Classroom News

Thursday's Spring Conferences have been changed to Thurs., Mar. 28th.

Look for a paper about economics in your child's Friday Folder.  I have also sent the letter in an email.

Thanks to PTO for buying the 3rd grade classes some extra headphones!  

Your child will come home with a spelling packet on Monday.  The test will be Friday.  The completed packet is due on Friday.


We finished Module 5.  We have started our fraction unit.

Skills to practice:
*multiplication facts using XtraMath
*telling time on a analog clock (o'clock, to the 5 minutes, and to the minute)
*adding 2 digit and 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping (carrying)
*subtracting 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping (borrowing)

Reading and Writing

Reading- Our focus has been on nonfiction text features.  We are also working on main idea and supporting details.

Writing- The students are finishing their nonfiction books.  


Your child should bring home his or her planner Monday-Thursday. The planner will help you know what is expected for homework.  I am asking that you sign your child's planner each time indicating that your child completed his or her homework.  There will not be homework over the weekend.  

Science/Social Studies

We have started our Economics Unit.