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Mrs. Hibbs

Mrs. Hibbs's
 Third Grade News

                        My Google Voice phone number is 720.258.6298

                        I will be calling from that number when I call you.


Classroom News

Be sure to sign up for a conference using the link below.

The students surprised me on my birthday Tuesday.  They heard on the announcements it was my birthday and put together a wonderful surprise.  After Specials I walked into the room with the students saying "Surprise!"  There was a desk with (plastic) flowers borrowed from Ms Boggs, ice cream from the cafeteria, and snacks from Abby.  There were also balloons.  I shared the snacks and we played with the balloons.  They made it such a special day! 

The students will have a review list for spelling the next week.  Most of the students will have a list with up to 15 words.  The test will be Friday, March 16th.  If your child doesn't have a list, he or she will not have a test on Friday and won't have spelling homework.


We started Module Five of Eureka Math -


We started with the meaning of the word.  Fractions are equal parts of a whole.  We also reviewed which is the numerator, which is the denominator, and what they mean.  

Reading and Writing

Reading Strategy- 
We worked on homophones.  We also practiced writing answers to questions using R.A.C.E (Restate the question, Answer the question, Cite your evidence, and Explain your evidence).

Writing- The students completed their final opinion paragraph.  I will share their paragraphs with you at conferences.

The students finished the lowercase cursive letters.  We will be starting capitals letters.


Your child should bring home his or her planner Monday-Thursday. The planner will help you know what is expected for homework.  I am asking that you sign your child's planner each time indicating that your child completed his or her homework.

There will not be homework over the weekend.  I will send the next week's spelling packet and word list home on Fridays. However, I am not sending it as homework for the weekend. I send it early for the families that have homework time on Sundays.  The spelling packet is due the following Friday.

Science/Social Studies

We are starting our Earth unit on rocks and minerals.