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Mrs. Hibbs

Mrs. Hibbs's
 Third Grade News

                        My Google Voice phone number is 720.258.6298

                        I will be calling from that number when I call you.


Classroom News

Our Halloween Party will be on Friday Oct. 27 from 3-3:45.
Your child can bring a costume to change into before the party.  I'll let you know if there are any changes.

The Masquerade Ball is that evening at school.

I also could use 1 more Friday Folder volunteer.  You would come in on Fridays by 2:30 to get the papers filed and put them into the folders.  If I get 2 volunteers the two of you could set up your schedule.


We started Module Two of Eureka Math -


We started with reviewing telling telling to the 5 minutes and working on telling time to the minute.  The students are also solving problems involving the passage of time.

Reading and Writing

Reading Strategy- We are working on inferencing.   I used Annie and the Old One and Knots on a Counting Rope for this strategy.  Both stories were about Southwest Native Americans.

Writing-  This week the students wrote 2 poems.  Both poems were related to the books I read in reading.  They wrote a poem about a special person.  They completed the poem in technology and added a QR code with the students reading their poems.  The other poem was a color poem using adjectives.

In writing, the students are working on meeting the following expectations:  No stray capitals
                          Capitals at the beginning of the sentence
                          Periods at the end of sentences
                          Neat handwriting


Your child should bring home his or her planner Monday-Thursday. The planner will help you know what is expected for homework.  I am asking that you sign your child's planner each time indicating that your child completed his or her homework.

There will not be homework over the weekend.  I will send the next week's spelling packet and word list home on Fridays. However, I am not sending it as homework for the weekend. I send it early for the families that have homework time on Sundays.  The spelling packet is due the following Friday.

Science/Social Studies

Social Studies
We started our studying of Native Americans.  We are taking a closer look at the Native Americans of the Plains.  Our focus is how the
  • environment and culture influence sustainability.