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Mrs. Hibbs

Mrs. Hibbs's
 Third Grade News


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Classroom News

Fall conferences are coming up.  Please use this link to sign up.

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Spelling- I will be sending a new list of words and a packet on Monday.  The words on the first page are your child's spelling words.  I have gone over the directions for each page with your child several times.  He or she should know how to complete the activities using the words on the front page.  The test will be on Friday.  The packet is due on Friday.

I attached the presentation from last night under Classroom Pages.  If you weren't able to be here,  it will fill you in on some of the things I shared.  If you were here, you will be able to access our daily schedule.

The students can bring a healthy snack and a water bottle to school each day. 


Module One- 


The students are not expected to know the answers to multiplication and division problems from memory yet.  They are encouraged to draw pictures, arrays, or use skip counting to solve equations.

Skills to practice:
*telling time on a analog clock (o'clock, to the 5 minutes, and to the minute)
*adding 2 digit and 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping (carrying)
*subtracting 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping (borrowing)

Reading and Writing

Reading- The students will be setting reading goals and how to meet them.  I will share with them that to increase their reading level they need to read more just right books.

Writing- The students learned about helping verbs and linking verbs.  
We are reviewing proper nouns and using capitals with this type of noun..
They have written their first small moment story.  For most this is a review from 2nd grade.  What's new is writing on notebook paper and not in a booklet.  They are learning strategies of what to do when they are stuck.

Free Write Notebook- The students will be using their Composition Books as a Free Writing Notebook.  They will be choosing what they want to write about in their book.  We brainstormed some ideas today. 


Your child should bring home his or her planner Monday-Thursday. The planner will help you know what is expected for homework.  I am asking that you sign your child's planner each time indicating that your child completed his or her homework.  There will not be homework over the weekend.  

Science/Social Studies

We are working on being a good citizen in the classroom and in the school.
We focused on Working Hard and Being Kind.

We are started our unit on Native Americans.  They have read some stories in their small groups about Plains Native Americans.  We focused on buffalos and picture writing.  The students watched a video about the Southwest Native Americans.