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Ms. Burke

Welcome to Ms. Burke 's 2nd Grade Web Page!!!

 Please feel free to e-mail me or stop in anytime with any questions you may have during the year!  


What are we learning?

Ms. Burke's Reading Class:   We will be focusing retell after break.  We will also continue to study main idea and supporting details.  We will learn how the main idea and details help us when retelling stories.   A list of words will be sent home on Monday  this week to practice at home.  Your child may had a word list that better suits their level.  We will test over these words on October 6th.  
Word Study Focus Group #1

lunch puff clubs lunch block

drill test bench plug last

 Sight Word/Trick Words
each   you   see    his   was  say  says  see  between  

Word Study Focus Group #2 
cloth   milk    snack   skim   strap
bunch   quilt    chomp   shrub   pack
Sight Words/Trick Words
your   was   they   said   one   

Math:  We will complete Module 3 lessons 5-9 on place value.  Homework packets will come home on Monday!! Homework pages are to be done the day we teach the lesson and sent back when complete.  The day each homework page is allowed to be done is written at the top of each homework page. 

Science:  We will continue to learn about plant life cycles.  We will learn about the pumpkin plant life cycle:)

Social Studies: We will discuss different resources in communities and how those resources influence those communities.  

Writing:   We will meet with our writing groups and work on our goals for personal descriptive writing.

Classroom News

Check out my Welcome Packet for 
important information about our class!

Important Dates! 

Fall Break-October 9th-13th
Fall Parties-October 27th

We are Needing.....

We are always needing new items for 2nd Grade Store!!!
We need scotch tape for student STEM Challenges
We need any recycled items, like toilet paper rolls, containers, boxes, pipe cleaners, lids, ect.



Homework Expectations

- Your child should spend from 20-30 minutes reading everyday.  Please initial the calendar each day they read!

-I-Ready MathMath practice (2 times/week) If you have questions about this let me know!  Login info. has been stapled inside the green folder. This is optional!

- Math homework packets will be sent home on Monday of each week.  At the top of each page there will be a day written.  Please have your child complete these pages no sooner than the day. We will be teaching the lesson that goes with the homework that day at school.  They will need the instruction from me before completing the homework.  Remember homework is a family choice!! The students can earn rings for these homework assignments.

Specials Schedule

Special's Schedule
October 16th-20th
Monday: Music
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Music
Friday: Music