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Ms. Burke

Welcome to Ms. Burke 's 2nd Grade Web Page!!!

 Please feel free to e-mail me or stop in anytime with any questions you may have during the year!  


What are we learning?

Ms. Burke's Reading Class:  We will continue practicing writing summaries about fiction stories.  We will also continue learning about poetry!!! Please make sure your child is re-reading their book each night and bringing back their book bag each day.  If you need to know which group your child has for words, email me and I will get back to you.

Word Study Focus Group #1

spoke  blaze  homeless   athlete  captive  rode  bike  take  plates   inside   move  together   right   house

Word Study Focus Group #2 
chewing   groups   continue   spooky   hooked   flowers   bloom   argue   foolish  umpire   enough  special  February   January  

Math: We will continue learning early multiplication concepts.  We will be practicing writing repeated addition equations related to multiplication.  Next week we will be working on Module 6 lessons 9, 10, and 11.  
Homework packets will come home on Monday!!  

Science:  We will build gardens using arrays:)  

Social Studies:  Our Field Trip to Museum will be May 9th and we will be doing followup activities after our field trip.  

Writing:   We will continue our study of poetry next week and how to write a summary in our reading groups.

Classroom News

Check out my Welcome Packet for 
important information about our class!

Important Dates! 

Click here if you can volunteer for the field trip!!!! If you are able to come on our field trips we would love it!


5/9 - Field Trip to Littleton Museum

5/11 - Talent Day

5/18 - Field Day

5/23 - End of Year Poetry Picnic at the Park (all parents welcome!) 11:00-1:00

5/24 - Game Day - bring a game from home!

5/25 - Final Movie Mash Up/Last Day of School

We are Needing.....

Expo Markers-We are running low on these.  We use them everyday:)



Homework Expectations

- Your child should spend from 20-30 minutes reading everyday.  Please initial the calendar each day they read!

-I-Ready MathMath practice (2 times/week) If you have questions about this let me know!  Login info. has been stapled inside the green folder. This is optional!

- Math homework packets will be sent home on Monday of each week.  At the top of each page there will be a day written.  Please have your child complete these pages no sooner than the day. We will be teaching the lesson that goes with the homework that day at school.  They will need the instruction from me before completing the homework.  Remember homework is a family choice!! The students can earn rings for these homework assignments.

Specials Schedule

Special's Schedule
May 7th-11th
Monday: Art
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Art
Friday: Art