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Ms. Burke

Welcome to Ms. Burke 's 2nd Grade Web Page!!!

 Please feel free to e-mail me or stop in anytime with any questions you may have during the year!  


What are we learning?

Ms. Burke's Reading Class:    We have been focusing how to use different strategies to help us become better readers. We learned about the strategy stop, think, and retell.  We used this strategy in both whole group and reading groups.  We then used this strategy to stop and jot down what we know about the story as we were reading. We then revisited what we wrote down after reading and discuss the importance of the thoughts we wrote on our sticky notes.   In reading groups we really focused on practicing fluency and expression this week.  We talked about "scooping" up phrases when reading and using fluency/expression when we read longer phrases.  We also looked at several different strategies to identify unknown words and their meanings.  Please make sure your child is re-reading their book each night and bringing back their book bag each day.  Please practice the words that are sent home in the book bag each night.  If you need to know which group your child has for words, email me and I will get back to you.

Word Study Focus Group #1

quick strap trash pack snack

milk quilt skim cloth bunch

 Sight Word/Trick Words
your   was   you   they   was   one   said  

Word Study Focus Group #2 
fainted   replay   trays   explain  crane   painting
wait  train   delayed   rain   
Sight Words/Trick Words
America   country      school    thought     away   great
Math:  We are in Module 7 and we are learning about data.  We learned about how to collect data, create a picture graph, and a bar graph.  We completed lessons 1-4 this week!  
Homework packets will come home on Monday!!  The day each homework page is allowed to be done is written at the top of each homework page.  

Science:  We are rotating to Ms. Moyer's class for our study of weather.

Social Studies:  We started a unit this week where students will be creating a zoo!  We will be learning about resources, maps, economics, and animal habitats with this study!

Writing:   We are practicing how to write narrative stories.  We are using the process of creating powerful small moment stories!  We are working on "unfreezing" our characters by using lots of details and dialogue.  

Classroom News

Check out my Welcome Packet for 
important information about our class!

Important Dates! 

Read Across America- March 2nd

Parent Teacher Conferences-March 13th and March 15th

Spring Break-March 19th-23rd

We need items for our 2nd Grade Spring Fling Basket! Here is the link if you can donate!! Basket Sign Up

We are Needing.....

Expo Markers-We are running low on these.  We use them everyday:)



Homework Expectations

- Your child should spend from 20-30 minutes reading everyday.  Please initial the calendar each day they read!

-I-Ready MathMath practice (2 times/week) If you have questions about this let me know!  Login info. has been stapled inside the green folder. This is optional!

- Math homework packets will be sent home on Monday of each week.  At the top of each page there will be a day written.  Please have your child complete these pages no sooner than the day. We will be teaching the lesson that goes with the homework that day at school.  They will need the instruction from me before completing the homework.  Remember homework is a family choice!! The students can earn rings for these homework assignments.

Specials Schedule

Special's Schedule
February 26th-March 2nd
Monday: Art
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Art
Friday: Art