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Ms. Burke

Welcome to Ms. Burke 's 2nd Grade Web Page!!!

 Please feel free to e-mail me or stop in anytime with any questions you may have during the year!  


What are we learning?

Ms. Burke's Reading Class:    We will be focusing on creative ways to retell stories.  We will use 5 finger retell to help retell our stories in whole group, as well as small group.  The students will be retelling using slide shows, plays, or posters.   We spent a lot of time testing this week.  We completed our DRA's for mid year as well as the I-ready diagnostic test!  I'm so excited to see everyone's growth so far this year!  Next week we will be focused on compare contrast of holiday stories.  We will be looking at how stories differ based on the elements within the story and the author's purpose.  If you need to know which group your child has for words, email me and I will get back to you.

Word Study Focus Group #1

slant twist slumps blended drinks

trusted thinking trusting bring

 Sight Word/Trick Words
about   could    how   the   I   any   many     now    down   our   out   

Word Study Focus Group #2 
combat   thankful    panic   kindness   invented
habit   dentist    childish   insisted   upset
Sight Words/Trick Words
know  always   often          

Math:  We worked on Lesson 5 this week and took our Topic A Quiz (Lessons 1-5 Exit Tickets).  Lesson 5 focused on using the RDW (Read, Draw, Write) Process to solve word problems.  We also took our mid-year i-Ready Math Diagnostic tests.
Homework packets will come home on Monday!!  The day each homework page is allowed to be done is written at the top of each homework page.  Next week we will complete lessons 6-9 in Module 4.

Science:  We are rotating to Mrs. Byrne's class for our study of force and motion.

Social Studies:  We have been learning about the different elements of a map.  We focused on using a key and the compass rose. Next week we will create a key and use it to create a map.

Writing:   We will meet with our writing groups and work on our goals for narrative writing.   Next week we will continue narrative writing.  We will focus on verbal planning before writing. 

Classroom News

Check out my Welcome Packet for 
important information about our class!

Important Dates! 

December 8, 2017 - PTO Cookies with Santa

December 21, 2017 - Classroom Winter Parties

December 22- January 7th- Christmas Break

For our Winter Classroom Parties, we will be doing a Hot Chocolate & Cookies Movie Mash Up with all 3 classes.  We are need of some donations for snacks and treats, as well as some volunteers to help with these during the movie.  Sign up HERE to help with our party!

We are Needing.....

We are always needing new items for 2nd Grade Store!!!

We need any recycled items, like toilet paper rolls, containers, boxes, pipe cleaners, lids, ect.



Homework Expectations

- Your child should spend from 20-30 minutes reading everyday.  Please initial the calendar each day they read!

-I-Ready MathMath practice (2 times/week) If you have questions about this let me know!  Login info. has been stapled inside the green folder. This is optional!

- Math homework packets will be sent home on Monday of each week.  At the top of each page there will be a day written.  Please have your child complete these pages no sooner than the day. We will be teaching the lesson that goes with the homework that day at school.  They will need the instruction from me before completing the homework.  Remember homework is a family choice!! The students can earn rings for these homework assignments.

Specials Schedule

Special's Schedule
December 11th-15th
Monday: Art
Tuesday: Art 
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Art
Friday: Art