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About Me

About Mrs. Joanie Smith, 1st Grade    

Education: I am a native Southern California girl! I graduated from California State University Northridge.  I completed my masters degree in curriculum and instruction integrating the arts.  I have loved watching concepts come alive through drama, dance, visual arts and music! 

Teaching Background: I began my career teaching kindergarten at Moorpark Unified School District in Moorpark, California.  I eventually moved to first grade and also served two years as a reading specialist in the Early Reading Intervention Program. In 1995 our family moved to Colorado and I stayed home for a number of years with my four  children. After a brief move to Australia we returned home to Colorado and I was fortunate to be hired by Douglas County School District. This will be my eighteenth year here at Sand Creek Elementary and my twenty-fourth year of teaching!

Teaching Approach / Philosophy: I love to teach! The little ones in kindergarten and first grade are my very favorite! There is nothing as rewarding as watching a child learn to read for the very first time! I believe learning takes place best in a warm, loving and structured environment. Young children need lots of hands-on and engaging activities to learn new concepts best. I also love to sing and have lots of fun in the classroom! 

Other Information: On a personal note, I am so fortunate to have such a supportive family. My husband, Bryan, helps so much on the home front. He is also a Pastor at a local church. I have four children, Jordan (27), Shelby (26), Cory (21) and Olivia (18).