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Mrs. Smith-May 21-25

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Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! The students enjoyed creating your Mother's Day Movie for each of our incredible mothers! Please let me know if you were not able to view the video. Here is the link I sent out Friday night. Mother's Day Video 2028

How amazing were our first grade dancers?? They were so confident and the crowd LOVED them so much they were asked for an encore performance in the afternoon! They looked sharp in their purple caps! We thought it would be fun and practical if they wore their hats on Field Day Friday.

Speaking of Field Day... be sure to have your student slathered with sun screen! They will need to wear their bathing suits under their clothes (green Fun Run t-shirt) , bring a beach towel and labeled water bottle. I need to borrow two wagons for the day so we can pull all their items from station to station . If you have a wagon we could use for the day please let me know! All are welcome to join us for the day or a portion of the day. Cross your fingers for good weather!

As we have traveled across Africa learning about the incredible wildlife and cultures our class also learned about some of the many hardships people (children) of Africa endure. We read a book, "Beatrice's Goat", a true story about a little girl from Uganda who wants to go to school but her mother does not have the means to afford her books and uniform. Beatrice's family is blessed with a goat from the Heifer International Foundation. The sustainable gift of a goat opens the doors for Beatrice to attend school as well as provide her family with a newly built home. Our kiddos would like to do extra chores to earn monies which would go towards purchasing a goat for one family. We are learning in economics the differences between needs vs. wants. If you would like to participate please add some extra chores for the week and assign an amount to be earned through each chore accomplished. We are hoping to raise $120, the total cost of a goat!

Our school year is flying by quickly! It is always so rewarding in the spring to see each child's growth since the beginning of the year!

I will soon be assessing each student using the DRA to best pinpoint their reading levels. Please keep in mind that first graders should be reading and comprehending at a DRA level 16 Independently.


Mrs. Joanie Smith

Class Pages:


Upcoming Dates  

GREAT SKATE CARDS- Student Council will be selling great skate cards from Skate City after school May 14th- May 18th. This card allows you to get into to Skate City for $1 all summer (May 29th- August 15th). The cost is $3 and the card is only good for one person.

FIRST GRADE PICNIC- On Friday, May 25th at 11:30, we will have our end of the year picnic on the lower playground. Please bring chairs, blankets, and food for lunch. Students can still buy lunch if need.

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL- Friday, May 25th

FIRST GRADE SYMBALOO- This is where students can find links for i-ready, Teach Your Monster to Read, Prodigy and much more!

Social Studies / Science

Social Studies Vocabulary: symbol, respect, patriotic, national, monument
citizenship-"What does it mean to be a good citizen?"  This includes in our classroom, school, community and the world!

Science: Animal Habitats-Africans, Animal Classification, Adults vs. Offspring, Living vs. Non-living
Science Vocabulary: savannah, safari, carnivore, herbivore, diverse

The Big Cheese


Our Big Cheese for last week was Nithi! His favorite color is red and he loves to play soccer! It was nice getting to know Nithi better last week!

Reading Bags

Please return reading bags each day even if you have not been able to read the book  This enables your child to bring home a new book from that days guided reading lesson.  Sight word rings are added to every few days.  These are to be reinforced each night at home to improve fluency.

After reading the book, ask your child comprehension questions about the story.

  • Who are the main characters?
  • What happened in the beginning, middle and the end?
  • What connections can you make with the story?
  • What does the story remind you about?

My website is updated weekly, by Friday evening.  Make sure you check-in for the latest classroom information!



Our Upcoming Week At A Glance... 
For the week of May 14-18
Theme: Adventures in Asia!

Phonics: Fundations -long vowels with silent /e/- one syllable words
Phonemic Awareness: tapping out sounds, identifying syllables, onset-rime
High Frequency Words:  Unit 1,Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4 and Unit 5 words
Comprehension: making inferences, finding story patterns, problem/solution), retell using details and  sequence of events
Fluency: Reading with expression, rapid naming of sight words     
Grammar: making vowels long by adding the "Sneaky
e", adding suffixes to base words -ed, -s, -ing
Vocabulary: population, 
Writing: Asian Animals fact books, Literature responses, Squiggle Books, personal journals, birthday pages
Mondays the students will have the opportunity to write in their journals. It can be helpful to discuss with your student what they may want to write about. 

First Grade Froggy

First Grade Froggy went home last weekend with Sam Kelly! They had so much fun together playing and cuddling!  Froggy loved his time with Sam and her family!


Reading Bags: Read the books each night and return the following day.  The sight word rings are to stay in the bags so that new words can be added.  Please go over these words nightly with your student.  

Homework should not exceed more than 30 minutes a night. Our purpose is to build responsibility and practice skills.

  •  Read nightly for 10-15 minutes from their      reading bags. 
  •  Word work skills- Fundations/ Letter Study:

Tricky Words:  

a, and, the, is, his, of, as, has, to, into, or, for, she, he, me, you, your, I, they, was, one, said, from, have, do, does, were, are, who, what, where, there, here, when, why, by, my, try, two, put , very, also, some, come, could, should, would, number, over, her, say, says, see, between, each, any, many, how, now, down, out, about, out   

New Words: friend, another, other       

  Homework Due Date
 MondayMath packet/iReady ReadingHomework packet due Friday
 TuesdayiReady Math
 Wednesday iReady Readingi
 ThursdayiReady Math

Math packet due


We have completed module 3, ending this unit with data collection and graphing. The students have completed part of our module 3 assessment. We will finish this assessment on Monday. Module 4 will be challenging with exploring place value, decomposing numbers into tens and ones and adding two-digit numbers using various strategies (all revolving around decomposing to tens and making tens). The students took their final iReady Math diagnostic assessment and we celebrated their beginning to end of the year growth! I will share this information with all of you in the report cards. 
Here are the parent letters for Module 1.

                                                                Module 3

                                                                Module 4

Sprint/ Fluency Builders- We practice our fluency with timed tests. At the end of the test, the students circle the number they got to and then we correct our work with a different color crayon. Here are some practice sprint/fluency activities for Module 2.

Problem Set- Students practice independently in class. Teacher is there for support and then we go over it. Students explain their thinking and correct as needed.

Exit Tickets- Students complete exit ticket on their own and turn into teacher. Teacher uses this to inform instruction. This is not sent home.
Math homework will be going home in the yellow homework folders Monday and can be turned in on Fridays.

Specials Schedule

Specials for the week of May 14-18

PE-No-Wear your gym shoes!
Library-Wednesdays-Please be sure all library books are returned. 

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