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Mrs. Smith-February 12-16

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Dear Parents,

Your Antarctic explorers should be bringing home their suitcases filled with discoveries today! They really enjoyed this trip and many of your students have asked to stay longer because..."we need to learn more!" Unfortunately it is time to return to the continent of North America and begin our unit on American Symbols. We spent a little time today learning about symbols and the class brainstormed a chart with symbols. Today we read some books and watched a video on the American flag. Ask your student if they can tell you something about our American flag. We also made out suitcases look like American flags. We learned flags are important symbols for countries and often stand for the values of that country. Next week we will learn about the life of Abraham Lincoln. This is always a wonderful unit for our first graders!

Wish Week was wonderful! The students really enjoyed the special spirit days and we all discovered giving brings us true joy! I am blown away with the amount of students who brought in dollars for the spirit days... which we won, the class who had the most participation! many of our students said they brought their own piggy bank money, including tooth fairy revenue! Wow!

What a lesson on unselfish giving and helping others! I can hardly wait to see how much Sand Creek raised!

Our class Valentine Party will be on Wednesday, February 14 @ 3:00. Our fabulous party planning moms have already been busy with preparing for our party. Please visit the Sign-up Genius to help with some of the supplies and snacks needed for our Valentine Party.

Here is a class list of first names for each student to address their Valentine cards. We will make special bags in class and practice our alphabetizing skills as we deliver them! They will need to have their cards in by Tuesday, Feb. 13 in order to get them all delivered by Valentine's Day.


Mrs. Joanie Smith

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Upcoming Dates  

DADDY DAUGHTER DANCE- Friday, February 9th 7-9pm.

1ST GRADE BASKET FOR SPRING FLING- PTO is looking for grade basket coordinators for this year’s Spring Fling.  The coordinators would be in charge of deciding on a theme, getting donations from other parents, assembling their grade basket, and bringing it to school.  If you are interested in putting together the 1ST grade auction basket please contact Olga Gintchin at

NO SCHOOL- Friday, February 16th. It is a teacher work day.

PRESIDENTS DAY- There is no school on Monday, February 19th.

Social Studies / Science

Social Studies:  American Symbols and Famous American Leaders

Social Studies Vocabulary: symbol, respect, patriotic, national, monument
citizenship-"What does it mean to be a good citizen?"  This includes in our classroom, school, community and the world!

Science Vocabulary

The Big Cheese


Our Big Cheese for last week was Freddie! His favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Freddie loves dogs and he wants to be a professional soccer player when he grows up. It was nice getting to know Freddie better last week!

Reading Bags

Please return reading bags each day even if you have not been able to read the book  This enables your child to bring home a new book from that days guided reading lesson.  Sight word rings are added to every few days.  These are to be reinforced each night at home to improve fluency.

After reading the book, ask your child comprehension questions about the story.

  • Who are the main characters?
  • What happened in the beginning, middle and the end?
  • What connections can you make with the story?
  • What does the story remind you about?

My website is updated weekly, by Friday evening.  Make sure you check-in for the latest classroom information!



Our Upcoming Week At A Glance... 
For the week of Feb.12-16
Theme: American Symbols and Famous America Leaders

Phonics: Fundations -consonant blends, /r/ controlled vowels
Phonemic Awareness: tapping out sounds, identifying syllables
High Frequency Words:  Unit 1,Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4 and Unit 5 words
Comprehension: making inferences, finding story patterns, problem/solution), retell using details and  sequence of events
Fluency: Reading with expression, rapid naming of       sight words
Grammar: identifying nouns and verbs- introduction of adjectives
Vocabulary: symbol, respect, patriotic, national, monument
Writing: American Symbols fact books, Squiggle Books, personal journals, birthday pages
Mondays the students will have the opportunity to write in their journals. It can be helpful to discuss with your student what they may want to write about. 

First Grade Froggy

First Grade Froggy went home last weekend with Elle McKenzie! He even got a much needed bath and wore real swim goggles! Froggy loved his time with Elle and his family!


Reading Bags: Read the books each night and return the following day.  The sight word rings are to stay in the bags so that new words can be added.  Please go over these words nightly with your student.  

Homework should not exceed more than 30 minutes a night. Our purpose is to build responsibility and practice skills.

  •  Read nightly for 10-15 minutes from their      reading bags. 
  •  Word work skills- Fundations/ Letter Study:

Tricky Words:  

a, and, the, is, his, of, as, has, to, into, or, for, she, he, me, you, your, I, they, was, one, said, from, have, do, does, were, are, who, what, where, there, here, when, why, by, my, try, two, put , very, also, some, come                                            

New Words: could, should, would              

  Homework Due Date
 MondayMath packet/iReady ReadingHomework packet due Friday
 TuesdayiReady Math
 Wednesday iReady Readingi
 ThursdayiReady Math

Math packet due


Last week in math we continued to practice adding three addends quickly by looking for two that total ten. We call adding 10 to an addend"friendly adding!" Then we moved to adding two numbers where one addend is nine. Our first graders are taking one away from the other addend and adding it to the nine... making it a "friendly addend". These strategies will evolve to mental math, visualization, allowing our students to add large addends quickly mentally. We continue to improve our fluency through timed sprints. 
Here are the parent letters for Module 1.

Sprint/ Fluency Builders- We practice our fluency with timed tests. At the end of the test, the students circle the number they got to and then we correct our work with a different color crayon. Here are some practice sprint/fluency activities for Module 2.

Problem Set- Students practice independently in class. Teacher is there for support and then we go over it. Students explain their thinking and correct as needed.

Exit Tickets- Students complete exit ticket on their own and turn into teacher. Teacher uses this to inform instruction. This is not sent home.
Math homework will be going home in the yellow homework folders Monday and can be turned in on Fridays.

Specials Schedule

Specials for the week of Feb. 12-16

PE-No-Wear your gym shoes!

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