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Mrs. Smith Oct. 22-26

October 22-26

Office # 303-387-6600


Dear Parents,

I am so happy to be back and look forward to seeing all my fabulous first graders on Monday! Mrs. Herr, our substitute teacher, left

a great report on our class and plans ran smoothly!

Our Halloween party is scheduled for this coming Friday, October 26 @ 3:00. Students will bring their costumes to school that day in a bag and will be given time to put them on before the party. Please send no pretend weapons, blood, gore or masks. I am contacting parents to help organize the party and they will be reaching out to all of you to help with treats, games and paper goods.

This past week we started a unit on the classic folk tale, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff". The students heard the traditional tale and this next week we will be comparing with alternate versions. They are learning about story elements (characters, setting, problem/solution and moral of the story). They enjoyed coloring, cutting and glueing the traditional tale in sequential order. We will have the opportunity to act the story out this next week!


Mrs. Joanie Smith

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Important Dates:

HENRY COLE AUTHOR VISIT- Henry Cole author of Another Quest for Celeste will be coming to Sand Creek on Friday, October 26th. The students will be listening to him speak and asking questions.

FALL/ HALLOWEEN PARTY- Our class Halloween/ Fall party will be Friday, October 26th at 3:00pm. Our parent volunteers have been planning a fun time! Students can bring their costumes in a bag. Please NO weapons, gore, blood or masks. They will change before the party. All our welcome!

PTO MASQUERADE BALL- The PTO is hosting the annual Masquerade Ball on Friday, October 26th from 6:30pm-8:30pm. There will be a DJ, dancing, costume contests and snacks! Please come in costume!

NO SCHOOL- There is no school, Tuesday, November 6th. It is a teacher work day.

VETERAN'S DAY ASSEMBLY- Monday, November 12th.

THANKSGIVING BREAK- There is no school Monday, November 19th- Friday, November 23rd.

FIRST GRADE SYMBALOO- This is where students can find links for i-ready, Teach Your Monster to Read, Prodigy and much more!


Reading-  Please continue to have your child read daily.  This will help them remember everything from this year. I have sent a leveled book list to help students pick just right books (level 12 is a G, level 14 is a H, level 16 is an I, etc).  Here are some additional resources:

Book Wizard- This is a website where you can look the book titles to find out what level they are.

Booklist by series- This is a website that lists the names of books by reading level.

MATH- Please remember students have access to Zearn and many other resources through the first grade symbaloo.

Social Studies / Science

Social Studies: maps and globes, 7 Continents, Australian culture

Social Studies Vocabulary: 

Science: Australian Animals
Science Vocabulary: habitat, marsupial, shelter, prey, predator, survive, offspring

The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese
 Our Big Cheese before fall break was Maya Telles! She wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up. Maya loves the color pink and her favorite food is chocolate! It was fun getting to know Maya better!

Our Big Cheese this past week was Christy Tai! She wants to be a doctor when she grows up! Christy loves the color purple and dogs are her favorite animal! It was fun getting to know Christy better last week!

Reading Bags

Please return reading bags each day even if you have not been able to read the book  This enables your child to bring home a new book from that days guided reading lesson.  Sight word rings are added to every few days.  These are to be reinforced each night at home to improve fluency.

After reading the book, ask your child comprehension questions about the story.

  • Who are the main characters?
  • What happened in the beginning, middle and the end?
  • What connections can you make with the story?
  • What does the story remind you about?

My website is updated weekly, by Friday evening.  Make sure you check-in for the latest classroom information!



Our Upcoming Week At A Glance... 
For the week of 
October 22-26
Favorite Stories-The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Theme: Australia!!

Phonics: Fundations: Bonus letters f,l,s
Phonemic Awareness: Distinguishing the beginning, middle and end sounds in CVC words-blend and read three sound words with a middle short vowel and a digraph.

 Unit 1 Letter- Keyword- Sound 
 Unit 2 blending & reading three sound short vowel words
 Unit 3 digraphs- wh, ch, sh, th, ck

High Frequency Words: the, and, a, is, his, of, as, has, to, into, they, you, I
Comprehension: Readers build good habits-story elements-characters, setting, problem, solution
Fluency: sight word automaticity 
Grammar: punctuation in reading and writing
Vocabulary: habitat, survive, marsupial, offspring,
shelter, prey, predator
Writing: All About Koalas, Literature responses, Squiggle Books, personal journals, birthday pages
Mondays the students will have the opportunity to write in their journals. It can be helpful to discuss with your student what they may want to write about. 

First Grade Froggy

 First Grade Froggy

First Grade Froggy spent the weekend with Kian!
Froggy loved being at Kian's house and even joined him for a soccer game! Froggy came back to school wearing his Rockies jersey!! Go Rockies!!


Yellow Homework Folders:  Homework folders went home last Monday and should have been returned with completed homework Friday. Your child will take home this yellow folder each Monday and keep it at home for the week, returning it on Friday. Their iReady and Zearn online passcodes are stapled into their homework folder. Please be sure they spend some time during the week on iReady reading and math.

Reading Bags: Read the books each night and return the following day.  The sight word rings are to stay in the bags so that new words can be added.  Please go over these words nightly with your student.  

Homework should not exceed more than 30 minutes a night. Our purpose is to build responsibility and practice skills.
  • Read nightly for 10-15 minutes from their reading bags.

  • Word work skills- Fundations: Please see parent resources in Fundations box for ways to practice with your child. We are in Unit 3.

  • Sight Words- Please practice reading and writing words in reading bag.

  • Math- 1-2 pages per week. Sent home Monday & returned on Friday in yellow folder. Here are the parent letters for all modules.

  • i-ready- online lessons (one reading & one math per week)

  • Friday Folders- Please review items and return folder on Monday.


This week we did topic G, subtraction as the unknown addend problem. We learned how to write a subtraction sentence and how to use a number path to subtract.  We will be practicing subtraction word problems next week.

Here are the parent letters for Module 1.

Sprint/ Fluency Builders- We practice our fluency with timed tests. At the end of the test, the students circle the number they got to and then we correct our work with a different color crayon. If you wish to practice at home here are sprints and fluency builders for all of the modules.

Problem Set- Students practice independently in class. Teacher is there for support and then we go over it. Students explain their thinking and correct as needed.

Exit Tickets- Students complete exit ticket on their own and turn into teacher. Teacher uses this to inform instruction. This is not sent home.
Math homework will be going home in the yellow homework folders Monday and can be turned in on Fridays.

Specials Schedule

Specials for the week of October 22-26

PE-No-Wear your gym shoes!
Library-Weds at 3:10

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