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Mrs. Bradshaw

Mrs. Susan Bradshaw - First Grade 

Phone: 303-387-6600

Our Valentine's Day Party is coming up on Wednesday, February 14th. We will be decorating bags for our cards in class. Please make sure your child brings a Valentine card for each student.  See the list below. Also, if possible, please sign up to donate treats for our party. 

Avery, Brianna, Elena, Aiden, Ryder, Alex, Maddox, Josiah, Arya, Michael, Lila, Devin, Lily, Elijah, Matthew, Alyhia, Baylee

The following is a list of Apps we use at school on the ipads.  Most apps are free and some require a subscription or registration. Here are a list of apps we use at school:
Magnetic ABC
Ten Marks
Kidspiration Lite
brainPOP Jr.
Spelling City
Grade 1 Math by Splash Math
Following Directions by I Can Do 

Madagascar Math Ops
Math Kid
Math Ninja
Sushi Monster
Counting Money +
Hearbuilder Following Directions 

Upcoming Events

Week of Feb. 5th- Mountain Vista Wish Week (see calendar below)
Feb. 14th Valentine's Day Party from 3:00-3:45
Feb. 16th-Professional Development Day/No School
Feb. 19th President's Day/No School


In Fundations, we worked on glued together letters with word families ending with ank, ink, and onk. For example- if you can spell pink then you can change the first letter and spell rink. In addition, we practiced tricky words such as why, by try, and my. 

On our 100th Day of School the students enjoyed writing what it would be like to be 100 years old. Please see their work in this week's Friday folder. First, we watched a video clip of a woman who was 100. Then, we had fun using the aging booth app to make ourselves look old.  Finally, we created a booklet with a picture and a sentences explaining what we would look like and do at 100 years of age.  For example, I would have white hair and glasses. I would be a great grandma and play with my great grandchildren. 

Social Studies / Science

After reading books about penguins, we worked on our descriptive writing skills by planning our ideas and then using that plan to form a paragraph with a topic sentence and 3-6 detailed sentences. We wrote about  Emperor and Chinstrap penguins. 


Homework should not exceed more than 30 minutes a night. Our purpose is to build responsibility and practice skills.
  • Read nightly for 10-15 minutes from their reading bags. Practice reading and writing the sight words.

  • This week's math is adding three numbers to make a ten.

  • I-ready reading and math (please do at least on lesson for each subject per week)


The kids did a fantastic job presenting their 100 days of school project. We had so many creative ideas! Check this week's Friday folder for your child's scored rubric. 
In addition, check your child's Friday folder for his/her end of module test results. Now we are working on place value with addition and subtraction. Last week, the students played several games that involved grouping cubes into ten and ones. We have also been looking at patterns when adding 10 such as 10+1=11, 10+2=12, 10+3=13 and so on. 

Specials Schedule

Monday thru Friday- Art 
Friday- Library