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Outdoor Education Information 2015/2016

Outdoor Ed 2014

Douglas County Outdoor Education Center
Parent Checklist 
We are excited that your child will participate in Douglas County’s Outdoor Education learning experience for 6th grade students.  This experience supports and reinforces science academic standards and provides an opportunity to build confidence with meeting new challenges and living more independently.  The time together with classmates, teachers, high school leaders, and camp staff members develops trust and cooperation that, in turn, builds a stronger community of learners.

The cost for this experience is $235.00.  The cost of the program covers transportation, lodging, meals, guest speakers, trained staff and all activities.  Attached below are necessary forms to ensure that your child is safe and has a successful experience.  The following checklist outlines what needs to be completed before the Outdoor Education Experience, August 19-21, 2015.

 Submit payment for $235.00 (use Parent Portal, or submit check payable to the school). Use Payment Plan form if spreading payments over a period of time.
 Behavior Expectations Contract
 Overnight Field Trip Permission Form
 Overnight Field Trip Health Form
 Overnight Medication Form (for dispensing Tylenol or Benadryl)
 Medication Request Form (Only complete if child will be taking medications; 
must have physician signature)
 DCOEC Release Form
 Copy/proof of personal health insurance card (if not insured, a low cost option can be purchased from K and K Insurance by going to: 

All completed paperwork should be returned to your child's teacher 
by August 11, 2015
For more information about the DCODEC, please download the PowerPoint
Douglas County Outdoor Education Center PowerPoint (must be downloaded)

Ryan Francoeur,
Aug 11, 2015, 8:07 PM