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Mrs. Stafford

DCSD World Class Outcomes for 6th Grade
Mrs.  Stafford
Phone: 303-387-6600

Daily Schedule

9:00 Arrival

9:05-9:15 Check-In
9:15-10:50 BLOCK 1
10:50-11:30 Specials
11:30-1:10 BLOCK 2
1:10-1:50 Lunch
1:50-2:25 Extended Learning 
2:25-4:00 BLOCK 3

4:00 Dismissal 

Specials Schedule

Week of May 9
Mon/Wed: Music
Tues/Thurs: PE
Friday: Best of Talent Day

Week of May 13
Mon-Tues: Technology
Wed-Thurs: Music
Fri: Field Day

Week of May 20
Mon: 6th Grade Field Day
Tues: Graduation!

Assessment Day 
Friday, April 29
Stafford Homeroom 
12:30-4:00 pm

Summer Robotics Camp

Typing Practice
Mr. Francoeur would like students to practice at least 1 hour per week.

2. Click Typing Pal Online-for Schools
3. Click Typing Pal School log in
4. Enter the code- dcsdscms
5. Enter username and password (lastnamefirstinitialmiddleinitial, lunch #)

Sand Creek 
6th Grade 
Personally Owned Device Initiative

Our goal is for every 6th grade student to have their own personal computer to learn with throughout the school day. Click here for more information.

What is a 
• Intelligence can be developed • The brain is malleable • Doing challenging work is the best way to make the brain stronger and smarter

Mrs. Stafford's Math Class

Mrs. Stacy's MATH Class


Mrs. Applegate's 

Ms. Roberts' 

Mrs. Stacy's 

Mrs. Applegate's 
science class!