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Mrs. Stacy

Congratulations Ava Price-Colorado InvestWrite winner

Congratulations Ryan! SCE Spelling Bee Winner!!

Go Broncos!! 

Want to HELP with 6th grade Graduation?

Dear Parents, 

Can you believe 6th grade graduation is right around the corner? Your child will graduate from Sand Creek on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 9:30 am. Please be sure to read this important letter from the planning committee. We want to make this day a memorable one for your child and would like your help! A copy of the letter will be sent home in Friday Folders on February 4. 

Would you like to be on the planning committee? It's not too late to sign up! Click on this link to sign up for the committee of your choice and we will email you more information. Alternatively, if you would like to help by supplying some refreshments for after the graduation ceremony, please let us know here. 

From all of the teachers and staff at Sand Creek, it has been a joy and an honor to be able to educate your child and watch him/her grow throughout the years. Thank you for sharing your child with us! 


Growth Mindset

What is a 
• Intelligence can be developed • The brain is malleable • Doing challenging work is the best way to make the brain stronger and smarter

Important News


Outdoor Education 2015

6th Grade Creed

-To Treat Others With Respect
-To Be Kind
-To Be Truthful
-To Include Others
-To Listen Carefully and Follow Directions
-To do My Best and Challenge Myself
-To Study Hard
-To Be Involved

Sand Creek 
6th Grade 
Personally Owned Device Initiative
Our goal is for every 6th grade student to have their own personal computer to learn with throughout the school day. Click here for more information.

Created for 6th Graders 
By 6th Graders

Important Dates

Important Dates:

5/20 Field Day

5/24 Graduation Day 9:30am (Students meet in the classrooms at the regular start time-9:05)

Mrs. Stacy

Mrs. Stacy - 6th Grade 


Phone: 303-387-6600


"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

School Supply List

                       6th Grade 2015-2016 School Supply List

Specials Schedule

Specials Schedule: 10:50-11:30 

May 16-19th             PE/M/PE/M (FIELD DAY-Friday, May 20th)

May 23rd             Northridge Rec Center in the morning--6th grade field day-Turn in your child's permission slip and $5.00 for pizza to Mrs. Applegate. At 1:30, we will practice for graduation in the gym at SCE. 

May 24th              Graduation Day....students come to the classroom at 9:05 when the bell rings to line up....parents can go to the gym to get seats. Graduation starts at 9:30-10:30ish. Students can leave with their families after graduation around 11:00 am. There will be a reception after graduation. Please remind your child to get their Memory Book, graduation video, check lost & found, and see me before they leave. I will miss all your child a great deal! He/she has made this year wonderful! Have a fantastic summer and wishing you the best at MRMS or whichever middle school you will be attending. :) Hugs, Mrs. Stacy






October: Ryan R. (6), Cameron (24), Mrs. Stacy (21), Christine (31)

November: Gage (12), Jenae (25)

December: Matt (1), Ryan S. (2)

January:Dave S. (5),  Molly (19)

February: Leah (12), Grace (13), Aiden (17)

March:Skyler (5)

April: Clayton (1), Julia (7), Andrea (17), Rebecca (23)

May: Ana (5), Alexa (13), Torin (23)

June: Izzie (24)

July: Ryan D. (2), Jack (6)


New Grading Practices

Link here to see the Guiding Beliefs, an explanation of Grade Level Expectation, a sample of the generic Proficiency Level Descriptors and an explanation of what those proficiencies mean. 


Grading Practices


Douglas County Assessment Information

Link here to view a parent training video on the new Grade Level Expectations, Proficiency Level Descriptors and the new Elementary Progress Report.  This will also help you better understand our new grading systems of 1,2,3 and 4.

Link here to see a sample of the 2012-13 EPR.


All students at Sand Creek are screened at the beginning of each year using the DRA2.  The DRA2 is used as a progress monitoring tool periodically for our students with ILPs and primary students.  All primary students  and ILP students are reevaluated at the end of the year, and their independent reading levels are determined before they move on to the next grade.  

Overview of the DevelopmentalReading Assessment

  • determines a reader's independent assessment reading level
  • facilitates the effective grouping of students for reading experiences and instruction
  • supports a literature based, constructivist literacy program
  • provides immediate information for instructional decision making; confirms or redirects ongoing instruction
  • documents changes over time in reading performance
  • may be used easily in the classroom
  • is developmentally appropriate for Grade K to Gr. 5 students (K-3 Kit for Primary students, and Gr. 4-8 for middle and upper elementary students)
  • is a reliable and valid assessment that meets the state's standards

Band Concert

Creative Writing with Mrs. Hamilton

Performing a play that they wrote in class.

Classroom Calendar

6th Grade Teachers' Sites

Teacher: Marcie Stacy

I have taught grades 3rd,4th,6th, and 7th for 29 years.

The best way to reach me:

Sand Creek Phone Number:


BA Degree-Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education, Minnesota State University, Moorhead,   MN

Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Colorado at Denver, CO

Principal License, University of Phoenix at Denver, CO


Mrs. Stacy's Social Studies class!

Mrs. Applegate's science class!

Mrs. Stafford's Math Class

Mrs. Stacy's MathClass


Mrs. Applegate's Reading Class

Ms. Roberts' Reading and Writing Classes

Reading, Writing, and Communicating

LIBRARY: Students will go to the library during their Language Arts block.

Students will study the following units in 6th grade:
* Poetry-Understand how theme, tone, mood, poet's point of view and elements of poetry can be used to interpret poetry and to craft poetry with meaning and feeling.

*Fiction-Use appropriate strategies to comprehend a variety of narrative text including introductions to short stories, novels, and drama; write and respond to a variety of narrative text

*Non-Fiction-Use appropriate strategies, text features, and text structure to comprehend non-fiction text.

*Memoir-Read memoirs aesthetically, critically, and "as a writer;" recognize features of memoirs that make this genre unique using mentor text.

*Persuasive Essay-Identify key/main ideas and supporting details of persuasive writing using mentor text

*Word Study-Understand how to read and write simple, complex, and compound sentences and use them for effect and meaning. 

Click Here to look up the Colorado State Standards for 6th grade reading, writing, and communicating

Click this link for information about Mrs. Stafford's Writing class!

Science and Social Studies Curriculum

Science Curriculum: 

Life, Physical and Earth Science are all covered in the 6th grade science class. 

Scientific Inquiry:
   *Scientific Method
   *Writing Lab Reports

Click Here  to look at the Colorado Academic Standards for 6th grade Science

Please click here to find information on Mrs. Applegate's science class!

Social Studies Curriculum:

*Cartography and Geography: elements of a map, types of maps, how to read a map, the hemispheres, continents, oceans, etc.

*Culture: What is culture? What effects culture?

*Canada: history, geography, culture, and present day

*Latin America: history, geography, culture and present day

*Personal Financial Literacy-Saving and investing-key contributors to financial well-being. Stock Market, Everfi-Vault, JA Finance Park field trip

Colorado Grade Level Expectations:
     Geography 1: Use geographic tools to analyze patterns in human and physical systems
     Geography 2: Human and physical systems interact.
     History 1: Analyze and interpret historical sources and research historical questions
     History 2: The historical eras, individuals, groups, ideas, and themes in regions in the Western Hemisphere and their relationships to one another.
     Economics 1: Identify and analyze different economic systems.
     Economics 2: Saving and investing are key contributors to financial well-being.
     Civics 1: Analyze the interconnectedness of the U.S. and other nations. 
     Civics 2: Compare multiple systems of government

Click here to look at the Colorado State Standards for 6th grade Social Studies.


1. Please return the "Emergency Closure" during the day form, all Outdoor Education forms-including a copy of your health insurance (card).

2. Bring a book to class to read or choose one in our class library.

3. Read 30 minutes each night and work on your math facts ( 

*BOX TOPS--please save these for our class/school...we have a container in the classroom for them.  Thanks!! We Collected over 450 Box Tops! You are awesome!!

1.  Our Scholastic book order class code is L8YJG if you want to order books online at Let me know if you order online, as I will need to okay it, to get it sent to you. 
2. Math math facts,, and 
3. Read each night 20-30 minutes.Log into to take quizzes on the books you read and earn cool prizes!

Math Curriculum

Math Curriculum:
* Whole Numbers (Long form division)
* Decimals (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide)
* Fractions (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide)
* Ratios, Rates, Percents
* Algebra (Expressions and Equations)
* Integers and Absolute Value
* Geometry

Click here to look at the new Colorado Academic Standards for 6th grade

Daily Schedule

9:05-9:15       Homeroom-Attendance/Lunch Count
9:20-10:45     Block 1
10:50-11:30   Specials-(PE/Tech./Music/Art) 
11:30-1:00     Block 2
1:10-1:50       Lunch/Recess
1:50-2:30       Extended Learning Time-(Homeroom) *Creative Writing
2:30-4:00       Block 3

Students schedules will be individualized for Math, Language Arts-reading and writing, Science, and Social Studies. Math and Language Arts will be a 90 minute rotation and Science and Social Studies will be 45 minute rotations. 

Behavior Expectations

The Fish Philosophy

 We follow the philosophy developed by the Seattle Fish Market.  Our class rules and mission statement will follow our school rules which are:

1.  Choose your attitude

2.  Make Someone's Day

3.  Be Present

4.  Be Responsible/Be Respectful

5. Play

 For more informationdownload this document or click on this website.


We have high expectations for our intermediate students.  During our first few weeks together, each class will develop a mission statement and a set of guidelines for appropriate classroom behavior.  We will be working on developing a sense of community.  Classroom meetings will be held regularly.  These meetings help children discuss classroom and recess issues.  We will also be continuing a school wide program called "Second Step".  This program helps children with empathy, impulse control and conflict resolution.  There will be points earned towards class rewards and parties for exemplary behavior. 

 Hierarchy of Consequences for behavior that does not follow our mission, classroom rules and school rules: 

1st Offense:  Warning

2nd Offense:  Student/Teacher conference 

3rd Offense:  Student will fill out a reflection form to take home for parent signature.  If student needs a time out, they may visit another classroom if necessary.

4th Offense:  Student/Parent/Teacher conference.  This might be a call home to tell parents what happened.

5th Offense:  Discipline referral to office to see principal.