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Mrs. Riggin

Pat Riggin - Grade 4


Phone: 303-387-6600


Welcome Letter

Thanks to Sue Kwilman, we have a Sign-Up Genius available for you to use to sign up for a donation to our potluck picnic on Wednesday.  Please visit this site so that we can have a wide range of items to choose from.  Please don't make more than 26 servings.
Sign up here:

The children earned 35 minutes of Toy Time on Tuesday for good behavior.  They each may bring in a toy to enjoy on that day.

Our class along with the other 4th grades will be having an End of Year picnic on Wednesday at 12:30 in the shade shelter on the playground.  We would like this to be a little potluck event.  Please have your child bring a healthy item to share with their classmates for lunch.  This will have a beach theme so the children can bring beach balls and other outdoor games.  We will finish at 2:00 and return to the classroom for some final activities.

Classroom News

This has been a wonderful year for me.  The class was sweet and worked very hard for me.  I have seen such growth in them.  I am leaving Sand Creek, my second home for 18 years, to begin my retirement years.  I couldn't have asked for a better class to teach in my final year.  I can see great things in their futures.  I wish only good things for you, your families and this community.  Farewell!


We will start keeping track of students that forget to do their homework.  They will have to sign an "accounting" book and when three assignments are missed, the page will come home for your comment and signature.  Please help your child stay on top of their assignments.

4th grade also expects that each child is practicing their reading skills each day.  Your child will bring home a reading calendar to fill in each week.  They will be logging their reading experiences and completing one response paragraph per week.  This calendar is due on Wednesdays as well.  There may be occasional reading assignments from their targeted reading classes.  Some children will have reading work to complete at home.  This work can be used for their 20 minutes of reading each night.

Each week our 4th graders are required to practice their basic math facts.  They are required to spend 10 minutes 4 to 5 times a week memorizing them.  Please help your child study and fill out their nightly math log.  The Math Log is due on Wednesdays.  When the basic facts are memorized, your child's math work becomes easier for them.

Each child will be given a spelling or vocabulary packet to complete each week. These packets are given to students on Wednesdays and are then due a week later on the following Wednesday.  If your child completes 1 page each night, the packet will be ready to turn in on time.

There will be homework in Math each night - Monday through Thursday.  This homework is due on the day following the assignment.  

Each Wednesday, your child will be bringing home a Home Link for our Second Step social skills and community building program.  This is an activity that requires parents to be involved.  Please complete the activity with your child and sign the bottom of the sheet.  It is due on Thursday.

There will be some simple, home science investigations throughout the school year. Be on the lookout for these.


In Grammar,  we practiced using good, better, best and bad worse, worst.  We will end the year with some practice with adverbs.

The children completed a descriptive/persuasive writing sample about their favorite toy.  This sample will be scored and presented to their 5th grade teachers to show how well they were writing at the end of 4th grade.

Each child has been assigned a spelling or vocabulary group based on his/her skill level.  Homework in this area is due on Wednesdays when new lists will be given out. 

The children work in Targeted Reading groups. They are learning about story elements - characters, setting and plot. We are also learning how to use inferencing skills to get more meaning from the stories we are reading.  The children have also practiced writing summaries and focused on story elements - character, plot, and setting.

Social Studies/Reading
  Our final study this year focuses on Colorado government.  We will be looking at the three branches of our government and civic responsibilities we all share as citizens of the United States.  On Tuesday, the children can look in their student accounts for the classroom presentation entitled "Government A-Z".  


 We will finish our ecosystems work on Tuesday with a look at healthy populations.  I hope you are enjoying the ecocolumns at home.


 The children are ending the year with activities using positive and negative integers, volume and capacity, and rates. 

       Please work on the basic facts with your child.  It is very, very important that these are memorized so that subsequent math work is easier.  

Specials Schedule

Music -Wednesday - outside
PE -Tuesday 
Art - Not this week
Technology - Tuesday
Library -  Not this week

Classroom Calendar