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Gifted Programming @ Sage Canyon
Students who are identified as being gifted in Reading, Writing and/or Math are identified using a body of evidence that is collected with the input of students, parents, and teachers.  A child that is identified as being gifted is then placed on an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP).  The ALP is a document that records the goals the student will be working towards and is monitored by the classroom teacher throughout the school year.  All ALPs are reviewed annually with the student and parents.  Students who have an ALP have their needs met primarily in the classroom here at Sage Canyon because our PBL model is ideal for GT students.  Teachers are able to differentiate instruction for these students and guide them to a deeper understanding of the curriculum. Some students may benefit from a pull out program as well.

Please contact Moira Martinez with any question you have about Gifted Programming at Sage Canyon:  Moira.Martinez@dcsdk12.org

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CogAT testing window- August 29- September 20
This year,  per new district guidelines, all 3rd grade students, as well as all 6th grade students at SGCE, will be universally tested on the CogAT.  This is so that the scores may be used to help guide students and counselors at the middle school level when making career/college prep decisions.  SGCE will be testing all 6th graders on September 2nd and all 3rd graders the week of September 12th.

CogAT excusal form:

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World-Class Education in Douglas County School District provides opportunities for gifted learners who have demonstrated abilities that require differentiated programming to meet their needs and reach their full potential.