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CogAT window (August 29 - September 19)

"Universal" (Grades 3 & 6) testing

DCSD uses the CogAT as a universal screening tool for all 3rd grade students - they will take the Level 9 version of the test.

Scores and reports from universal testing should be used as ONE PIECE of data to inform instruction for all students, not only for advanced learners.

Students may be referred for CogAT testing in grades 1, 2, 4, (or 5 if at an elementary school with 6th grade) who have demonstrated the need for advanced programming, differentiated instruction for advanced learning needs, grasp​ concepts quickly, need additional depth, complexity and/or creative expression, etc.  Referral testing is not for all students!  These are students who may require targeted gifted programming at the neighborhood/charter school or intensive programming in our center based Discovery Program.

To request referral testing for your child contact your child's teacher or Moira Martinez, our GT facilitator. Moira.Martinez@dcsdk12.org.