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Mrs. Komosa's Kindergarten Class

Welcome to Kindergarten, Wranglers!

Take Off your Mittens and Write.

Driving Question:

How can we as authors write a new version of “The Mitten” to share with Sage Canyon Elementary?

Project Idea:

Students will create a new version of a story based on The Mitten.

World Class Outcomes:

Language Arts:

  • Create meaning strategically in:

    • Reading

    • Writing

    • Speaking

    • Listening

  • Analyze how authors are strategic in creating meaning

  • Demonstrate the process of inquiry:

    • Identify a problem

    • Generate questions

    • Investigate possible solutions to the problem
Content Standards


Standard: 1. Oral Expression and Listening 1. Oral communication skills are built within a language-rich environment.  

Standard: 2. Reading for All Purposes  1. A concept of print to read and a solid comprehension of literary texts are the building blocks for reading.  2. A concept of print to read and a solid comprehension of informational text are the building blocks for reading.  3. Decoding words in print requires alphabet recognition and knowledge of letter sounds.  

Standard: 3. Writing and Composition  1. Text types and purposes, labels, and familiar words are used to communicate information and ideas.  2. Appropriate mechanics and conventions are used to create simple texts.

Major Products:

Individual:   Student will create their own copy of the class-written story practicing writing conventions, letter formation and placement and matching illustrations to words of the story.

Team:  Write a class story, creating characters, setting, and plot.  The book will then be bound and placed in the library for all students to check out.  The book will also be sent to author Jan Brett for her comments.

Enduring Understandings:

Process impacts outcome.

21st Century Skills

Systems Thinking:

Uses systems thinking in problem solving; describes the function of the whole system; names all of the parts; describes the function of each part; predicts what would happen if a part is missing.


Engaging in Conversations & Discussions: Beginning to respond to others in conversation by asking questions and making related comments

Listening: Listens to others; connects the information shared by the speaker to own background knowledge and experience.

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