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Sight words

Students need to read and spell the kindergarten sight words before moving to next list.

my                 see                look                to
you                go                   is                    a
dog               like                 in                    love
the                it                    I                       mom
on                and                 at                    dad
he                 up                  can                  she

Ideas for Sightwords
Memory game
Have your kindergartner write the words on a index card (you will need to write the word twice on a card so that you can find the match).  Flip the cards over so that you can not see the words.  Once you find a match you cannot keep the match unless you can read the word.  The player with the most matches wins.  
Flash cards
Write the sight words on index cards.  Students try to see read each word.  Once students can read each word...Challenge add a timer to see how fast they can read the words.  You can also do this additional timer challenge with spelling them as well:)
Rainbow Writing
Students write the words using correct formation and spelling.  Students then write over the top with their favorite colors.  The word will look like a rainbow.
Salt/Shaving cream
In a baking pan cover the inside of the baking pan with salt or shaving cream.  Student then spells their sight words into the pan, smoothing the salt or shaving cream each time before spelling the next word.

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