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Miss Fairchild's Classroom Handbook


Parent Information Handbook



Miss Fairchild

Sage Canyon Elementary

Room A110


Dear Parents,

       Welcome to Kindergarten!  I am very excited to be teaching your child this year.  Kindergarten is an important step for both your child and you, and I am sure that it will be a great experience.  My goal is to give your child a positive learning environment where he/she will grow academically and socially, and gain a love for school.  You and I will work as a team to ensure your child’s success.

       I truly believe that close parent/teacher communication is key.  You are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year.  I can be reached through email at susan.fairchild@dcsdk12.org or by calling the school office at 720-433-0110.  You can also send a note in your child’s folder and I will respond as soon as possible.  I will be at school from 8:30-4:30 M-F.

       Thank you for your support.  I am looking forward to a great year with your child.


                                                            Miss Fairchild


*Arrival and Dismissal

       Kindergarten students will line up at the front doors each morning.  I will be in the hallway guiding them to our classroom when the first bell rings at 9:00am. There is no student supervision before 8:55am, so please be sure to drop your child off after 8:55am.  Students will be dismissed from the outside door of our classroom at 4:00pm.  Only those authorized to pick your child up will be able to leave with your child.  Please call the office or send a note to me if someone else will be picking your child up.


*Miss Fairchild’s Classroom Expectations

1.    Be Respectful and Kind

2.   Follow Directions

3.   Always Try Your Best

4.   Have Fun!



Our normal school day can be affected by the weather.  School closures and delays are made with student safety foremost in mind.  There are four types of weather related events:


In the event of inclement weather or other circumstances, school may be canceled for the day.  This decision is made by the central administration of the school district, not by the school principal.  A decision is made to close the entire district or just the specific geographic areas that are affected.  Announcements are made on television, radio stations, the district website, and the district weather hotline (303-387-7669).  Families are responsible for learning of a snow day through these sources.


This type of delay means that school will start one hour later (or noted) than usual.  The school buses run one hour later and all students should arrive at school one hour later than usual.  For Sage Canyon, this means school starts at 10:10 am (or noted).  The decision for a delayed start is also made by the school district, not by the principal, and announcements are made on television, radio, the district website and the district weather hotline.  Once again, families are responsible for learning of a delayed start and sending children one hour later than usual.


On occasion, it is necessary to dismiss school early.  The decision to dismiss early is made by the District using the same procedures as a snow day or delayed start.  In this event, students and staff follow the Emergency School Closure Form instructions that each parent has filled out and turned in to the classroom teacher.  Please keep this information updated.  Parents go directly to the classroom to sign out students.



In the event of unsafe weather conditions at Sage Canyon Elementary, the principal or designee will decide to delay dismissal.  This is not something we can plan in advance-often the decision is made 5-10 minutes before school ends.  If it appears that the storm will be brief, we just keep the students inside the school and then proceed as normal as the storm dies down.  Parents are welcome to wait in their cars or come into the building to get their children.


Lightening is a dangerous occurrence that happens frequently in Colorado and it is something that we take very seriously.  When lightning occurs at dismissal time, students will be required to remain in the building until a parent or guardian picks their student up and signs them out.  During these events, the following procedure will be followed:

1.  School bus riders will remain in class until called by bus numbers to proceed quickly to their bus.

2.  Students who ride day care buses will be loaded after the school buses have left.

3.  Parents of walkers or car riders will go to their student's classroom, pick their student up and sign them out with the classroom teacher.

4.  In the event that the storm and lightning passes and students have not yet been picked up, they will be released to walk home as normal.


*Classroom Management

       Our classroom is a fun, safe and caring environment.  Students will be expected to follow our classroom expectations, the Wrangler Code, and treat each other with respect and kindness.  This is necessary for many reasons, but mostly to ensure that learning is not disrupted for any student.  If there are any major problems with your child’s behavior, I will notify you so that we can work together to correct the problem.

         You will know how your child is doing on a daily basis by checking their homework folder.  Inside, you will find a behavior log.  This page needs to stay in their folder for the entire month.  Every month you child will receive a new log.  If your child stayed on Green (they followed the rules and showed their great kindergarten behavior) they will receive a sticker.  If your child was moved to yellow (they struggled a bit on this day and needed several reminders) they will not receive a sticker but a short note on their behavior.  If your child was moved to red (they had a very rough day or physically hurt someone) they will not receive a sticker but a note on that day that I will be phoning home that evening or an email.  We also have the color Purple (they had a great day and showed behavior above and beyond) your child will receive two stickers.  When they have shown they have continued above and beyond purple behavior to the color  blue they earn two stickers and a Wrangler Star.   There is also a stop light in our classroom that will be used as a visual reminder throughout the day for students to remember that they want to stay on green!



       Homework is a great way to develop good study habits and responsibility.  It is very important that you read with or to your child everyday for at least 15 minutes.  We ask that you record what you and your child have read on their reading log.  You will find the reading log in your child’s homework folder.    Sometimes we will have math, writing or a special homework assignment for your child to do at home.  Information with directions and a due date will be sent home when special homework is assigned. 



       I would love to have you as a volunteer in our classroom.  Even if you work, there are many ways that you can be involved with our classroom.  I will begin having parent volunteers in the classroom mid-to late September so keep an eye out for a volunteer calendar for sign up online.  Below are some basic guidelines for volunteering:

       *All volunteers will need to sign in and sign out at the office. Your first time volunteering with Sage Canyon you will need to be cleared.

       *Please turn your cell phone to silent while you are volunteering.

       *If you have young children at home, please do not bring them with you when you come in to volunteer.


*Birthday Celebrations

       When it is your child’s birthday, we will celebrate in class by singing to him/her and I will have something special for him/her.  If you would like to bring a birthday treat for your child’s special day, please let me know a few days in advance.  I will let you know if we have any students in our class with food allergies so that you can plan accordingly.  NO NUTS, PEANUTS, OR COLORED DRINKS. Some suggestions for easy birthday treats are:  cupcakes, rice crispy treats, fruit snacks, or cookies.  

       If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate it towards the end of the school year.  I will send more information at that time.

         Invitations to private parties are not to be distributed at school, unless all members of the students' class are invited.  By law and District policy, we are unable to provide parents with names, addresses, or phone numbers without prior permission.  Sage Canyon will publish a school directory once a year.  Inclusion in the directory is voluntary.


       We will have snack time every afternoon after recess.  I ask that you please send healthy, appropriate snacks with your child.  Some suggestions are:  an apple or other fruit, a granola bar, crackers or string cheese.  Please do not send candy as a snack, it will be sent home.   Please remember to label your child’s snack everyday!  Also, your child can bring a small water bottle (non-leaking and spill proof) to school (water only please). NO PEANUTS, NUTS, OR COLORED DRINKS.



       You can visit our classroom website for updated information about Kindergarten and our individual Class page.  I will keep and updated calendar as well as a current classroom newsletter on the website.  If you would like a hard copy of our classroom newsletter, please let me know.  I will also use email as a form of communicating classroom news and events to you.  Please make sure you put your current email address on your student information card.  Also, please let me know if you are not able to receive email so that I can send notes home with your child.



       Students will go outside to the playground for recess twice daily, so please apply sunscreen before sending your child off to school and also be sure he/she is dressed appropriately for the changing Colorado weather.  ****It is very helpful to have coats, hats, gloves, water bottles, lunch bags and boots labeled****


The Sage Canyon Elementary

Wrangler Code



**model positive character

**collaborate respectfully with others

**are critical thinkers

**communicate using a variety of methods

**are caring toward ourselves, our school and our community

**are creative