Classroom Handbook

                                                                                                Ms. Brost's 

               First Grade Handbook

                                          Sage Canyon Elementary 2017 - 2018

                This handbook contains important information to guide you throughout this exciting year.                                      Please take the time to read through this handbook and let me know if you have any questions.

 Arrival and Dismissal

For Students Riding in Cars:

Parents are asked to use the "Hug and Go" drop off zone when releasing children from cars.  Drivers are asked to remain in their car while using the "Hug and Go" zone.   We would be happy to assist your children out of the car and safely to the curb. 

If you would like to walk your child to the curb or the building, please park your car in the spaces provided in the south parking lot and use the crosswalks as indicated.

During dismissal, cones will be placed along the curb at the front of the school to indicate a loading zone.  Students will be asked to step back from the curb until their car enters into the loading zone.  Students will not be allowed to go beyond the cones to find their cars.  Again, we will provide assistance, as needed, for students who need help getting into the car.  Drivers are asked to remain in their car.

Once all students are loaded into their cars in the loading zone, the crossing guards will allow the cars to move up and exit the school parking lot and wave the next group of cars to enter the zone.  If your child has not loaded in time, you may be asked to move forward into the zone or to loop around to the end of the line of cars.  This should prevent cars from holding up traffic.

For Students Who Walk To School:

Students who walk to school may either come down the sidewalk at the back of the school or the one at the front of the school.  Walkers will be asked to enter the building through the doors at the front of the school when the bell rings at 9:00 am.  Students who ride their bikes to school should secure their bike at the front of the building and enter the front doors when the bell rings at 9:00 am.

For Bus, Daycare Van Riders:

Students who ride school buses or daycare vans will enter the back parking lot.  They will be released from their buses at 9:00 am. and will report directly to their classrooms through the entrance at the back of the school.

School-wide Rules

Wrangler Code:   All Sage Canyon students are expected to follow the Wrangler Code throughout the day.  The Wrangler Code is:

Wranglers are…



Accountable, and


Students will receive direct instruction during the first few weeks of school and timely reminders about Wrangler Behavior expectations.

Daily and Weekly Communication

Teacher Communication:

Your child will bring a folder home each day.  This folder will contain your childs reading log, behavior log and any unfinished work that he/she needs to complete.  Please help your child remember to bring this folder back to school each day.  I will also send a weekly email, explaining what we are working on in the classroom, suggested questions to ask your child about his/her week, specials classes for the following week and any other important school reminders for the following week.

School Communication:

Each Thursday, your child's Thursday Folder will contain student work and important notes from PTO, Sage Canyon and your child's teacher.  Please ask to see your child's Thursday Folder each Thursday after school and help him/her remember to bring the folder back to school on Friday.


I ask that your child bring a small snack and a spill-proof water bottle (water only please - colored beverages are not allowed in the classroom to protect the carpet) to school everyday.  I would like to place an emphasis on good nutrition, so please try to help your child choose snacks that are healthy and fun to eat.  Our snack time is in the afternoon so please help your child choose a snack that does not require refrigeration, as we do not have a refrigerator in the classroom. Our classroom is peanut and tree-nut free to protect our classmates with serious/life-threatening allergies.  I will encourage students to keep their snack in their backpack until snack-time to help students distinguish between snack foods and lunch foods.    


Lunch menus will be available on our school’s website, as well as the district website. Students will have three lunch choices a day.  Lunch costs $2.75 for hot lunch and milk/water/juice.  A student may purchase milk separately for $0.50.  You may pay for your child’s lunch two ways.  They may bring their lunch money ahead of time for future lunches or you may pay online by going to  Please put your child’s lunch money in an envelope with their full name and teacher written on the front if you are pre-ordering meals or sending in money for lunch that day.  Your child can also bring a lunch from home in a lunch box or bag.  Please write your child’s name is on his/her lunch box to ensure it's return if it is lost or misplaced.

Birthday Celebrations

A birthday is a very special occasion to your child, so we do celebrate birthdays in class during daily snack time.  Please email me a few days prior to your child's birthday so that I can put your child's celebration on our classroom calendar. You are welcome to send in a Birthday Treat (edible or non-edible) for your child to share with the class on his/her birthday.  All Birthday Treats must be peanut and tree-nut free to protect our classmates with serious/life-threatening allergies; please contact me regarding classroom allergies if you are unsure.  Birthday Treats needing no refrigeration may be sent to school with your child the morning of his/her birthday celebration.  If your child's Birthday Treat requires refrigeration (popsicles, ice cream, vegetables with dip, ...) please send me an email reminder the day before so I can be sure there is room in the staff refrigerator.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated during the month of May;  I will send out a signup genius in April to schedule the summer birthday celebrations.


At Sage Canyon, we believe that if a student is working hard at school from 9-4 he or she needs time to go home and fulfill the requirements of family, sports, household chores, and other extracurricular activities.  So, homework for 1st grade students will consist of reading "to, with, or by" for 10 minutes or more each night.  It is important that your child read every night to practice the fluency and comprehension skills necessary to be a successful and life-long reader.  Homework at Sage Canyon is designed to meet the needs of each individual learner.  If your child needs extra help with spelling or math facts for example, I may ask that he/she do some practice at home. Unfinished classwork may also be sent home for homework, when needed, and will be due the next day unless other arrangements are made between the parents and teacher.  


I will send your child home on their normal route unless you notify the main office of any changes.  For safety reasons, I cannot take your child’s word for a change in the way home he/she will go home. Your child's safety is extremely important to me.  If there is a question about how your child will go home, I will send him/her to the front office to contact you and confirm the transportation plans.  

 I am very excited about this school year!  I believe that communication between parents and teachers is very important.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  The best way to contact me is by email at You can also send a note to school with your child or call the school to leave a message for me at 720-433-0110.  It is going to be a great year!



       Cheryl Brost