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 Reading  "Be The Change""Be the Change" A Clean World Resources SpellingMathReading:
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 Who Was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Mahatma Gandhi

PebbleGo.com: Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi (Ducksters)

Ducksters Biographies
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Malala Yousafzai

Ducksters: Malala Yousafzai

PebbleGo: Malala Yousafzai

PebbleGo: Jane Goodall

Ducksters: Jane Goodall

PebbleGo: Caring for Earth
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Ducksters: Rachel Carson

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 Mountain Bluebirds
Western Bluebirds
Eastern Bluebirds

Audubon Bird Guide

More About Bluebirds

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NATGEO KIDS A-Z Animals A-Z ENDANGERED Animals Amazing Elephant Facts! Journey North
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 Homework and Curriculum Support Calendar
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   Multiplication Facts Quizlet 

Edmodo Homophones Quiz

  Today's Math

Small Group Multiplication

 Read-Aloud Vocabulary 
   Partner Math

Important Dates:

Mon: PE
Tues: PE
Thurs: PE


We are looking forward to a nice week "at home" winding up our "Be the Change" projects by completing our final biographies and portraits. Thank you so much for your donations to the World Wildlife Fund. We have almost made our goal, and it's not too late for your kiddo to bring in their contribution. Once our adoption certificate and symbolic stuffed animal have arrived, we're going to throw an adoption party! (The kids don't know this yet). I'm HOPING everything arrives this week so we can have the party Friday. If not...we'll just do it when we get back from spring break. This project flows seamlessly into our next one, "Where the Wild Things Are." In that project, we study world habitats and the natural plants and animals in our neighborhood. It's a favorite, and definitely helps keep us focused during the last exciting weeks of school!

We'll finish up U.S. Customary Measurement and move to the Metric System this week. Please have your kiddo practice match facts for about 7 minutes each evening. 

Our spelling focus is the /ou/ sound spelled  "ou" and "ow".
I've added a "Sight Words Only" list to Spelling City.

Have a great week!

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 Douglas County Field Guide

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 Animals A-Z

San Diego Zoo — Kids

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Farmers Feed the World

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 Planting a Chicken Garden Padlet

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