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Tuesday-Thursday, September 11, 12, and 13; 11:00 - 12:00:

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The Nitty Gritty


THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR FUN RUN SUPPORT! We had so much fun, and your generosity will GREATLY help Sage Canyon!


This Week's Spelling Words

We jump back into spelling with a shift in focus from consonants to vowel sounds. We'll focus on short vowel sounds first.

Spelling City


This will be week two of our new reading fluency routine. Each week, the students will receive an individualized short passage. They perform a one-minute "cold read" and record and graph their words-per-minute and error score. They practice reading this over the course of the week, then take the "test" again...this time recording/graphing their "hot" read score. This always convinces them of the value of re-reading and practice. Last week's passage will come home in Thursday folders. Please know that the material provided for reading fluency is generally at a level a bit lower than your child's official reading level. I've been known to give a particular passage just because it's interesting, too. In every case, the passage should be a bit too easy. We'll be tweaking reading levels, etc., over the next few weeks as we return to 100% normal instructional routines, and kids have more uninterrupted practice time.

While we have a "no homework" policy, we DO encourage nightly reading. Experts say it takes 90 minutes of reading per day to build solid reading skills. This can include books from public and home libraries, as well as digital resources I post to our classroom website. There are no "rules" about what a child should read, but the following guidelines apply:

  • The Two-Finger Guideline: If a child encounters TWO unknown words on a page and has difficulty decoding them, the text is too hard. (This used to be the "Five-Finger Rule," but experts determined that true reading fluency is indicated by a 98% accuracy rate.)

  • 20 minutes of reading per night for second graders

  • 30 minutes of reading per night for third graders.

I have created several new GetEpic libraries: a "Folk Tales from Around the World" library and a "We the People" library. GetEpic has a number of read-to-me and audio books. I have established libraries for those, as well.

Our classroom webpage features several websites with kid-friendly reading content. Please feel free to use these as a part of your child's nightly reading routine.  


We begin our first unit on persuasive writing. The kids will write campaign speeches in which they persuade our classroom citizens to vote for them in our upcoming classroom election. Every kiddo will write these paragraphs whether they are officially running for office or not. We will carry the literary concept of "character traits" into this writing.


We started Wrangler Math last week. Mastery of math facts is critically important to success in all areas of math study. Knowing the simple facts such as 2 + 3 = 5 is a lot like knowing letter sounds. If a kiddo struggles to remember  2 + 3, the more challenging part of the mathematics operation is much more difficult.

A good, no-nonsense website for practice with math facts is:


"Flash to Pass" and "Math Drills Lite" are two apps the kids like to use, too. Good, old-fashioned flash cards are perfect!

We have been working diligently on "rounding" in preparation for our addition chapter. We will take a quiz on that later this week.

Project-Based Learning

We had a classroom visit by Castle Rock's mayor on Friday. The kids had some great questions for her.

We're really enjoying our unit on government! We are establishing our classroom government this week. The kids "live" in "districts." Citizens in those districts MAY CHOOSE to run for one of two offices: District Representative or Community Mayor. We'll hold a secret ballot Friday or Monday, depending on our rate of progress. The offices will be "term limited," meaning we'll do this again when we return from winter break. We'll use this classroom government to make kid-sized decisions and solve kid-sized problems.


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 That Quiz: Multiplication
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