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Assessment is a constantly evolving and changing thing.  Your student will be going through testing throughout his/her education.  My main goal with any testing I do is to use that information to communicate with you how your student is doing, and to figure out my next steps in your student's education.  As we go throughout the year, your student will be taking not only district and state tests, but also a variety of tests in the classroom.  You will get information from these tests throughout the year.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about tests your see coming home, or data I have given you please let me know.
Some of the assessments you'll see this year:
Wrangler Math- Focuses on math fact fluency
Math in Focus pre-test and test prep- The pre-test shows what your student already knows or any gaps I need to focus on before a math chapter.  The test preps are end of the chapter assessments to show your child's knowledge and application of the skills taught.  (These tests are HARD!  Please know that if I ever have any concerns you will be the first to know.)  You will see any missed questions highlighted on the test preps.  After grading the tests, I take students in small groups to reteach the concept or just clear up any confusions about the question.  Your student will always sit down with me and go over every missed answer to find the correct one.
STAR test-  Please visit this website to find out more about this assessment.  This is a new assessment at SGCE, and we will be assessing reading and math.