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FAQ for Parents



Third grade is a pivotal year in elementary school.  Third graders tend to love school, are so enthusiastic and they are willing to try anything!  Most importantly, third grade is the year of building the bridge from primary grades to intermediate grades. While we recognize the unique nature of each child in our third grade classes, we also recognize that this is the year of fostering independence and self-reliance in our students. We ask that after the first week of school all third graders find their way to their classrooms on their own.


Communication is very important to me.  The best way to reach me is through email, at heather.pepper@dcsdk12.org. I try to check my email several times throughout the day. However, every day is different, and some days I will not be on as frequently as others. If you have an urgent message, you are always welcome to call the office and they will see that I receive your message.

Our classroom website will carry homework updates, and pertinent information about our school year, such as schedules, projects, and links to our Edmodo, Google Classroom and/or student blog (if applicable). Please get in the habit of checking this website often. I will do my best to send out an email to notify you about any updates.


We will begin the school year with a Reading Log in your child’s homework folder.  After a few weeks of settling into our routine, you will receive information regarding our third grade homework policies.

Other homework may include: spelling practice, math, or activities related to our current projects. Much of our homework will be online.  Please let me know if you do not have access to the internet at home so that we can work together to make adjustments.

Homework is not meant to be a battle. If your child is struggling to understand a concept, please ask him or her to stop. I would be happy to help the next day at school. We work hard at school, so it is understandable if your child is too fatigued to finish an assignment.


If your child has a cell phone, he or she will need to keep it turned off and in his or her backpack during the school day.  If you need to get a message to your child, please call the office during school hours.  I would appreciate for your child to leave all other electronic devices (ipads, ipods, etc.) at home. We have plenty of technology for school purposes and would hate for their personal items to be damaged, lost or stolen.


I will not have a parent volunteer schedule, but our classroom will need help with Thursday Folders, parties, and field trips. Please contact me if you are willing to assist me and I will let you know if/when I need help. I will also contact you if more needs arise.


Because of our early lunch time, we will have one snack time per day in the afternoon. Please pack a healthy snack for your child to enjoy. Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle each day (no colored liquids please)!  Please keep all snacks nut free.


You are more than welcome to bring treats for your child's birthday! If possible, please let me know ahead of time if you or your child is bringing treats in!  We will share treats during second recess. Please keep all treats nut free.