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*Reading-Please practice 20 minutes/night. You are welcome to use Raz-Kids for your reading minutes. Click: Here and if need be, enter the following username: bembrey0 (this is a zero and not an O.) Then click on your name and the picture password that you were given. When using Raz-Kids, please do the following: listen, read and take the quiz.  
*Math Facts-Please practice at least twice a week using "That Quiz Facts Practice" website and click: Here, as well as,  
"Wrangler Math,"which is found on my website menu and click: Here
*Spelling-For more practice, at home, please go to Spelling City. Click: Here.

Spelling Test-This Friday! 

Mon., Dec. 11th- Read for 20 minutes

Tues., Dec. 12th-  Read for 20 minutes.

Wed., Dec. 13th- Read for 20 minutes
Thurs., Dec. 14th- Read for 20 minutes

Fri., Dec. 15th- No Homework. Enjoy your weekend!