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Ms. Schultz's Classroom


What is HERO Anyway?

Honesty Empathy Respect Ownership

Welcome back to another school year. My name is Kelsey Schultz, and I am so excited to be teaching HERO this year. Many of you have stopped by my room or have been asking classroom teachers what the new specials, HERO, is all about.  Let me start by saying that I am really excited to have the opportunity to teach this class this year, and I truly believe it will benefit your child in so many ways.

As the HERO teacher, my main goal is to support and coach every child socially and emotionally to benefit themselves and the relationships they foster now and will foster in the future. Students will explore several different areas that include, self-awareness, empathy, sociability, integrity, resiliency, creativity, and resourcefulness. Students will participate in engaging, memorable, reflective activities throughout the year.  I will also be working closely with classroom teachers to connect their current projects into my classroom.

My classroom is set up to represent somewhat of a lounge for students. I want students to feel comfortable in a space where they feel like they are free and safe to discuss anything from their dreams, thoughts, worries, successes, and values. Students will be able to learn so much about themselves and others through constructive conversations. Practicing that in my classroom, with some guidance from me will in turn help students become more comfortable and develop a habit of truly listening and empathizing with someone else.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you might have.  I am also open to any ideas or resources you know of that would be appropriate for this class.


Kelsey Schultz