PBiS & Behavior Expectations

What you can expect from SRE:
  • Progressive Tiered Model of Discipline:
    • Universal/Prevention: Promotes an environment that sends messages of hope, good health, and empowerment to all students.
    • Targeted: Focuses on helping students who need additional support in order to reach and/or maintain health and well being.
    • Intensive: Applies when significant barriers to learning and/or safety are present. These efforts require an accurate picture of the current state, safety planning, and skill development for students and /or staff as well as connecting families to additional resources.

February 2017 - Sources of Support

January 2017 - RE-cap of 1st Semester Themes

December 2016 - Healthy Habits, Self-Care & Coping Skills

November 2016 - How & When to Report

October 2016 - How to Help a Friend in Need

September 2016 - Identifying & Communicating Feelings

August 2016 - Introduction & Resources

Jennifer Malouff,
Oct 7, 2014, 4:23 PM