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Summer Academic Loss

 The problem of summer academic loss, also known as “summer loss, summer setback or summer slide”, is graver when we recognize that many students start school behind and struggle to catch up throughout                                                 

their Kindergarten-12th grade education. Scientific research over decades has confirmed that, without intervention, children who start school behind likely will stay behind and that children who cannot read at grade level by the fourth grade will likely face an ongoing struggle to learn and even suffer diminished lifetime success.

(Coley, 200d; Hart & Risley 1995, Neuman, 1996).


How much valuable academic information did your child loose over summer break?

Lone Tree Learning Bridge After-school Math and Reading program is perfect for students who are struggling to keep up, are holding their own, or who just want to get ahead of the pack. Our math and reading programs are individual to each student and designed to improve long-term memory through the Spaced Learning Effect.


Our math program covers every concept a student is learning in the classroom. We teach and explain concepts in a way that each individual student understands and processes information. We improve math fact fluency and automaticity through daily practice, regular evaluation and immediate feedback.


Our reading program ensures efficient and effective language acquisition by developing strong vocabulary skills using a combination of the most frequently used words in literature, spoken language and standardized test appearance.

Our reading comprehension curriculum focuses on the key strategies at each student’s reading level: Main Idea, Sequencing, Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrasting, Drawing Conclusions, Making inferences, & Making Predictions. At the end of each reading comprehension lesson, the student engages in a constructive written response that supports the writing goals in the classroom.

Our literacy skills curriculum helps address and fill any gaps students may have and not only ensures each student becomes a stronger reader, but helps instill a love of learning that lasts a lifetime!  

Did you know?

All young people experience learning losses

when they do not engage in educational activities

during the summer. Research spanning 100 years

shows that students typically score lower on

standardized tests at the end of summer vacation

than they do on the same tests at the beginning of

the summer (White, 1906; Entwisle & Alexander

1992; Cooper, 1996; Downey et al., 2004).

Most students lose about two months of grade

level equivalency




Approximately 1 year academic growth in 24 weeks or

less through daily practice – 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Individualized instruction in small groups with caring

and trained instructors.

Internalize math facts – retain and recall them with

the same fluency as saying your name.

Build vocabulary and improve reading comprehension.

Convenient, affordable and effective!

Inspiring a lifetime love of learning.



Lone Tree Learning Bridge

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We meet Tuesday and Thursday after school in the library.

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