Overview Letter

May 17, 2016

Dear Redstone Families,

Elementary Progress Report Parent Access

Please click on the link below for directions to access your child's Elementary Progress Report that will be released on Thursday, May 26th.   You will log in through the new EngagED Parent dashboard atengaged.dcsdk12.org.  Please be sure to check your credentials prior to May 25th because we will have staff in the office to assist you up until this date.  You will login using the same username and password that you have created in Infinite Campus/Parent Portal.  


Parent Access Directions

Changes you will see when you open the report card:

  • The first view on the EPR be reserved for a Highlights Page.  The highlights page will contain ratings for  all Content Standards (Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies) taught during this semester.  
  • Following the summary page, each school has the ability to customize their Elementary Progress Report to include school-specific values. Redstone will be sharing grades from Unit Three and Unit Four this semester under the heading of Integrated Units. You will have information on grading throughout the year as opposed to seeing final grades on the Progress Report. Progress rankings have changed from 1, 2, 3 and 4 to Does Not Meet, Approaching, Meeting and Exceeds.
  • All teachers will add current independent reading assessment level and expected level to the EPR from the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA).


Grading Scale

  • The grading scale will remain consistent for the second semester of the 2015-2016 school year.  Additional supporting language will be added to the EPR to assist in understanding the scale. 

Grading Scale Supporting Language:

  • A score of “Exceeds” indicates a high level of achievement; it communicates that a student has a strong understanding of the content/concepts/skills taught during the semester and can demonstrate understanding independently and with very few errors.
  • A score of “Meets” indicates that a student demonstrates understanding of content/concepts/skills  most of the time and with limited support. Student makes few major errors or omissions when demonstrating concepts/skills.
  •  A score of “Approaching” indicates that a student requires moderate support to demonstrate understanding of concepts/skills. Demonstrated understanding of concepts/skills is inconsistent or infrequent indicating a partial understanding of the content/concepts/skills.  Errors or omissions in work are more frequent.  
  • A score of “Does Not Meet” indicates that a student seldom demonstrates understanding of concepts and skills taught during the semester.  Student requires considerable support to demonstrate learning of concepts and skills and makes frequent major errors when demonstrating understanding.

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Olga Rainosek,
May 19, 2016, 7:06 AM